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The Future…

August 18, 2009


Well hello there everybody. Long time, no content.

As many of you are aware, we have been toiling away in the NOTR bunker, trying to get a fresh new crib and a whole bunch of new ideas hammered out. We’re getting close to being ready now, and the plan is to re-launch at our own dot com by the 28th – which for those keeping score, is the 1st birthday of NOTR.

So if you’ve been wondering what to make of kyle and jackie-o aka the worst humanity has to offer aka proof that humanity is regressing, or you are unsure if costco is truly going to save us money or simply increase the prevalence of shitty, non-local products across a wide variety of markets, if you can’t believe that Tony Abbott’s daughter called him a church-going homosexual loser, hell if you’ve just been bored and have watched all the free porn on the internets, then relax, because we’re almost back.

Some of the things to look forward to:

  • more music reviews – from cds downloads to gigs, warehouse parties to wax, we give you the skinny.
  • more film reviews – whats good, bad or uglier than amy winehouse when she’s fiending.
  • local specialised ‘tours’ – giving you the hard facts and key details that your average write-up can’t.
  • guest writers – from some of the local talent, shit, submit something and it could be you getting no money, and less fame.
  • news – as always we’ll be bringing you a uniquely northside take on the world’s events.
  • ‘presents’ – a search engine friendly name for illegal downloads and leaked music.
  • merch – oh yeah, we’ll be dropping it like its hot… which it may be.

as well as a selection of other cool shit that we haven’t come up with yet.

Stay tuned for the drop, and the new location. Tell your friends, it’s gonna be fun.

NOTR crew.


Gold Status

May 13, 2009


That’s right ya’ll, 10,000, Blog gold status. We officially now have more hits than Tina Turner in the 80’s.

Other notable 10,000s…

  • The number of species of birds identified by modern zoologists.
  • Half the number of leagues under the sea Nemo had to go.
  • The number of web-sites the government recently blocked with their mandatory web filter.
  • The title of a crappy prehistoric action/drama involving mammoths, large flightless birds (no Emu) and some poor acting.
  • How many times Lil Wayne has appeared in film-clips without a shirt.
  • A gang of hoplite mercenaries that fought for the ancient Greeks against the Persians.
  • A slow-ass day for a major blog.

We don’t really have a specific theme, or even a reason for existence besides a self indulgent need to broadcast opinions, music and ill conceived rants out into the internets. So the fact that you all take the time to swim by for a visit makes us all aroused really glad. For those that even go so far as to comment, well we appreciate that even more.

Be sure to keep on checking back, we’ve got some grand plans for this spot, including more localised content, videos, gig reports and photos, collaborations and even some celebrity friends. Seriously, tell your friends. We are taking over.

The NOTR crew: Dubbs, Tubbs and Dilla Dunn.

Got beef? Coz’ we eat steak…

March 26, 2009


First up, two things. I”ve needed an excuse to post this track for ages, and i don’t like being called (even collectively) a douchebag.


Real bloggers don’t have time to blog!

March 4, 2009

Nah not really, I’m just trying to make excuses for being lazy and never posting. Due to my prolonged absence from the blog I feel like I need to re-introduce myself to our readers. Also in the sometime faceless world of blogging I thought it might be nice to put a face to the name, coz I know when you read my post’s you picture a 9ft tall Mathew Fox lookin dude wearing a mink covered mink coat, nah, I’m a bit more humble than that. Anyway here’s some old family snaps from the archives for ya’ll to get a better idea on who I be.

World, meet the Dilla’s…


First off the bat, Pa Dilla, not quite focusing on his game but raking up them stats no doubt. Also peep the classic sneaker lineup on the left. Adidas, Con’s, Nike. Nice


A little feedback is always nice…

December 24, 2008


A little while ago, i did a drop about NOTR’s favourite survivor,

“Big” Bill Dusting.

To my surprise Bill spotted it while trawling the internet for high-end porn postman accessories.

Having expressed that we never intended any insult, and wished him well, Bill hit me back, this is what i love about Aussies, we’re always cool breeze.

I dug [the post] because I am a flippant person by nature.  I used to do Gonzo Ozzie Rules footy reports, that insulted, interrogated, interrupted, the paths of the imagination.  If you can find any from the late 90’s in US Aussie Rules, you’ll see we are kindred spirits.”

“We need the sublime and the ridiculous to get through the harsh realities.”

“NEVER question your motives.  I have been accused of 15 minutes of fame egoism, but I’ve been in the news many times before, for an astonishing variety of things.  Some are pre-internet, so you won’t find them.”

“Keep bearing witness as you see it, and if you want to put this somewhere to help people get a perspective of where your head’s at, go for it.”

“PS  Feel free to buy me an enormous amount of beer, and anything else that might be toxic!”


There’ll be a beer waiting…

My Indian Kidd Weighs A Ton

September 24, 2008

Yeah so I’ve been cold lampin’ on this blog for a while now, mainly due to the fact that I don’t have the internets at my house and also have nothing of any real importance to say (but now one of these has changed!) Thankfully BigDubbs has enough incentive to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard or whatever and bless you suckers with some good ol’ NOTR style blog droppin’.

This drop isn’t about anything in particular its more of a “allow me to introduce myself” kinda thing so don’t expect to be leaving your computer with any kind of enlightening information or whatever maybe peep the drudge report or search something random on wikipedia?

So in the coming months you my lowly reader can come to expect from me your shrewd sage like blogalist words of wisdom on topics ranging from social commentary, politricks, sport, some reviews of some stuff and a bunch of other more shit so stay tuned.

p.s show the comments section some love!

where oh where has my co-blogger gone?

September 23, 2008

if anyone sees patricia in the streets or on the nets… slap him.

he owes me like 5 posts minimum.

(and if you’re reading this now pat… slap your damn self.)

(alternatively… sling his ass over your shoulder and carry him like he’s a holy, g-string wearing, 50kg Indian kid)

Greatest on the planet…

August 29, 2008

Its true, i really go in hard with mario kart, nintendo’s cherished cart racing game…

i loved it then

i love it still

and, if i do say so myself, i’m a beast…

At least i thought so, until i played online tonight for the first time, it was hard fought, nail biting stuff, and i got owned initially by some chump from the UK then later by some other chump from the US, it was only after an hour, and lighting up an L, that i became that chump to a bunch of suckers…

Greatest… Mario Kart Racer… Ever.

yeah bitches.

‘Coz thats just how we do…

August 23, 2008

In thinking about gettin’ this blog up and running we struggled with how to distinguish it from the many excellent spots we already check regularly.

We get our reviews/comments/laughs/insights/music hookups from crew all over these internets, and while we hope to bring a ‘lil bit of everything, until we get our game sorted its gonna be a fairly random affair, so come with us now on a journey thru space and time (no Mighty Boosh).