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Yes, Pinocchio Does Have Wooden Balls/Late Pass

May 23, 2009

red and meth shadow

Recently Method Man and Redman released Blackout! 2, the follow up to 99’s Blackout!. Dropped almost a year after its scheduled release date due to touring issues and label B.S the New York duo finally drop their long awaited Blackout! 2

Somewhere in between filming shitty movies, a few solo joints and making some Air Christian Slater lookalike sneaks the brick city bunch found time to hit the studio (via Brooklyn Pro Audio to pick up a Vocoder for Red) and record their new album.



Real bloggers don’t have time to blog!

March 4, 2009

Nah not really, I’m just trying to make excuses for being lazy and never posting. Due to my prolonged absence from the blog I feel like I need to re-introduce myself to our readers. Also in the sometime faceless world of blogging I thought it might be nice to put a face to the name, coz I know when you read my post’s you picture a 9ft tall Mathew Fox lookin dude wearing a mink covered mink coat, nah, I’m a bit more humble than that. Anyway here’s some old family snaps from the archives for ya’ll to get a better idea on who I be.

World, meet the Dilla’s…


First off the bat, Pa Dilla, not quite focusing on his game but raking up them stats no doubt. Also peep the classic sneaker lineup on the left. Adidas, Con’s, Nike. Nice