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What? No Weapons?

June 8, 2009




Ah yeah, this shit is so dumb.

He’s an allegedly talented chef who’s found fame and fortune by being an enormous TV douchebag to everyone within 50 metres.

She’s a channel 9 ‘journalist’ at least partly responsible for A Current Affair, the show that actually makes you less intelligent the more you watch it.

If there was a cage involved, or they were going to have a shoot out at dawn, i might be able to care.


Who needs the Tellytubbies?

May 24, 2009

Chromeo on some US kids show, lather up.

Also, who needs auto-tune, when singing through a hose looks so much doper?

via ‘a Different Kitchen.

The Government hates fat people…

May 17, 2009

Must have been interesting casting people to tell those jokes.

The Gruen Transfer is that television rarity… informative AND entertaining. I often miss it due to work, so it was that this little bit of conservative censorship passed me by. They set two agencies a challenge to create an ‘ad’ to promote fat pride/counter prejudice, and this is The Foundry’s submission.


Sport. Less entertaining than you think…

May 6, 2009

Ever since they took my Wipeout away i’ve been angry with the TV gods.

Master Chef looks like its got legs, but i struggle to think of anything else that doesn’t involve undereducated lifeguards, surfing veterinarians, bimbo police recruits or unemployed gardeners. Of course, thanks to Tubs’ digital box, i’m loving watching the all sports channel ‘One’, but even there it doesn’t really work out…