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DJ SEGA @ the Espy…

May 30, 2009

I’ma be dancing a little bit like this kid tonight at the Espy.

Scatterblog Presents: DJ SEGA

Support from the whole crew. Holla if you see me poppin’ like i’m an underage b-boy.


The Government hates fat people…

May 17, 2009

Must have been interesting casting people to tell those jokes.

The Gruen Transfer is that television rarity… informative AND entertaining. I often miss it due to work, so it was that this little bit of conservative censorship passed me by. They set two agencies a challenge to create an ‘ad’ to promote fat pride/counter prejudice, and this is The Foundry’s submission.


Video: Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

April 29, 2009

Directed by Henry DeMaio

Three quick thoughts:

  • Yep, i’m still a massive fan of this song.
  • Best believe i’d ditch a girl too if she left my vinyl on a bench.
  • Dam Funk stays steady pimpin’.

Like the Stones Throw bio says: “It’s not just throwback music anymore – this revival is all about progression.”


Limited Edition Heart Shaped Vinyl = Win.

For bio and buying, check Mayer Hawthorne out HERE.

Morning Doctrine #4

April 23, 2009

J Smooth does it everyday for a month. Ill Doctrine stays winning.

Strive for Grate(ness)…

March 27, 2009


Some very fine grates, see also Manhole Covers and Cheese Graters…

The Grates are a band from Brisbane. They’re cool. I really like the Drones tho, and they are posting (blurry) pics of Liddiard & Co. on stage in NYC. From the pictures on their Tumblr you’d be forgiven for thinking that all the great current Australian rock acts have gone to NYC.

Its a nice move tho, with photos a plenty, and as their Tumblr says:

“What goes on tour, goes online.”

Also, since i’m plugging stuff…

Jeff “Passion of the Weiss” Weiss, goes in deep on SXSW, managing to refrain from the usual “oh my gosh i’m really at SXSW” approach that so many other writers have invariably taken.

Combat Jack is re-upping his fantastic series of “Top 5 Gulliest Moments I Experienced First Hand in the Music Industry” as well as a ridiculously deep piece on none other than Mr Damon Dash.

Finally, Nick at WayCoolJnr has dropped a really interesting piece about the new Nokia “Comes With Music” campaign could well be the future of music sales. (I’ve only recently started checking this spot regularly, its definitely more media/marketing than straight music blog, but highly worth the read.)

Where the Wild Things Are

March 27, 2009


Drab just reminded me about this drop i started a few weeks ago after seeing the poster for Spike Jonez’s re-imagining of my favourite children’s book evar.



March 24, 2009


This ones strictly for the heads… and kids with Gladiator fetishes.

New DOOM (pka MF Doom), the metal face villain has returned from wherever he was hiding, eschewing the stories of impersonators at concerts and overall nutbar crazy shit, and dropping a pretty sic record. Production from Madlib, Dilla, Jake One, Mr.Chop(?!) and DOOM himself, and some guest spots courtesy of Ghost, Rae, Bumpy Knuckles and some Rhymsayer’s associates. Oh yeah, and an auto-tune track…

Say what you will, he’s always been an unusual cat, but in this day and age of mass produced, innovation-lacking “product”, its nice to get an occasional record by an artist who does his own thing. Plus any record with Freddie Foxx adlibing about clowns with no face paint is a must. Go cop it.

DOOM – Rap Ambush (prod. Jake One)


March 21, 2009


Trying to get some free ‘cheap’ prints done. If all goes well, there may even be some for you too internets.

NOTR’s Natural Selection #1

March 19, 2009


Charles Darwin knew that all life forms evolved from common ancestors… he also liked Coke Zero and anything by the Notorious BIG.

We really like music.. a lot. Every week each of us will pull  5 tracks from the ‘crates’, digital or otherwise, with a little write-up. The format and focus may vary between each installment, but you get the idea. To kick this adventure off, we’ve recruited the world’s least successful DJ – the iTunes random button. These are meant to serve as a taster of some of the great music out there, and should encourage everyone to go blow your stimulus package. (||)


Schultz City

March 15, 2009


For better resolution and other pieces by ninjaink head here.