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NOTR’s Natural Selection #8

June 23, 2009


Carlito Darwinio, had a mad crack habit plus foot fetish, he preferred The Hot Boy$ over Wayne’s new stuff and helped Robert Moog invent the synthesiser. He also co-wrote ‘Walk On By’ with Burt Bacharach.



NOTR’s Natural Selection #7

May 21, 2009


Charles Darwin aka The Real Chuck D aka C Deezy.

The 6 Degrees of Separation Natural Selections are a little like going to Church, except there’s no work, it won’t make you a better person in the eyes of the major religions, and ultimately you end up with a bunch of dubiously connected songs to listen to. Amen.

Remember, these tracks are like little signposts, directing you to good music. Chances are, if you like one song, you’ll probably like others, unless its Dexy’s Midnight Runners, in which case, there is only one.


NOTR’s Natural Selection #6

May 5, 2009


Charles Darwin knows everyone on the planet, man and beast. He also wrote the screenplay for “6 Degrees of Separation”… shit film, good mixtape concept. It is also the only time you can see the Fresh Prince bang a male prostitute in a kids room.

This time round we’ve got a themed selection. While it may seem unlikely, there exists a track by track relationship all the way down the line. The links that bind these songs may be obscure, but trust us, they’re there. We’re liking this idea, so expect to see dubiously connected mix tapes aplenty round these parts. As always, consider these tracks teasers of the goodness available to honest, wholesome, supportive, money-paying, music buyers.


NOTR’s Natural Selection #5

April 28, 2009


When Charles Darwin jumped into the water, he didn’t get wet. The water got Charles Darwin.

Its a belated numero cinco this week. Contrary to popular belief, life outside the internets gets pretty hectic sometimes, its not all laying on the couch and eating cereal. The whole crew is busy in side projects at the moment, to paraphrase the imortal words of Loverboy… ‘everybody workin’ for the weekend. The usual oddball selection this week, various themed selections and some classics, theres also an unfortunate run in with Jon Bon Jovi. Enjoy.


NOTR’s Natural Selection #4

April 18, 2009


Charles Darwin was a stickler for punctuality, he also had a mean jump shot.

First name Charles, second name Darwin. Back in effect for round 4, this week sees an assortment of music for your ears as well as the usual informative but always hilarious commentary. You know how it goes, if you enjoy the tracks be sure to go out and give the artists your money, whether its for their music, their shows, sexual favours, high-grade narcotics, or even just to wash your car. It ain’t easy being a musician.


NOTR’s Natural Selection #3

April 11, 2009


Charles Darwin married his first cousin, so did Albert Einstein and H.G Wells… they once performed a bluegrass cover of Korn’s ‘All in the Family’.

This week’s selection has a very light sprinkling of hip-hop (Joey B for VP), but a bag load of soul and funk, as well as some country goodness, a classic by the Black Moses (RIP) and an Ethiopian maestro’s newest single, oh, and some jazz by El-P. You know how it goes, if you like the music, go buy more work from the artists.


NOTR’s Natural Selection #2

April 3, 2009


Charles Darwin only listened to obscure afro-funk 45’s, and only on his Goldmund Reference II.

Charlie’s back, and this time round we’re retiring the ‘random’ button and just lacing you with 15 tracks that we’re enjoying at the moment, including some beats, some jazz, some hip-hop, an Australian classic and even a little Tom Waits in a boat. So come in out of the thunderstorm, light up a stogie, pour a tall glass of expensive booze and enjoy. You know the deal, if you like their work, go buy more music from these artists.


NOTR’s Natural Selection #1

March 19, 2009


Charles Darwin knew that all life forms evolved from common ancestors… he also liked Coke Zero and anything by the Notorious BIG.

We really like music.. a lot. Every week each of us will pullĀ  5 tracks from the ‘crates’, digital or otherwise, with a little write-up. The format and focus may vary between each installment, but you get the idea. To kick this adventure off, we’ve recruited the world’s least successful DJ – the iTunes random button. These are meant to serve as a taster of some of the great music out there, and should encourage everyone to go blow your stimulus package. (||)