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Coroner’s Music

July 23, 2009


Madlib (Otis Jackson) + Guilty Simpson = OJ Simpson

I’ve been looking forward to this release for a minute now; Guilty is a baritone monster and Madlib needs no more superlatives.

The album drops later in the year (i think) but Stones Throw has released this single, setting the tone very quickly for the goodness that is an album of bangers by these two artists, with only a couple of guests (Elzhi and Strong Arm Steady).

Heaters galore.

OJ Simpson – Coroners Music


Madlib breaks cover… appears on cover.

July 16, 2009


It should be pretty clear by now that i am a fan of Otis Jackson Jnr.

Notoriously reticent, he has given his first interview since 2006, appearing in the UK’s Wire magazine.

It probably won’t make it onto shelves for a few weeks yet in oz, but Stones Throw has some excerpts, including a little tidbit that he was high on ‘shrooms when he made both Quasimoto albums… who’d have thought?

DOWNLOAD: Lord Quas – Shroom Music

Madlib Radio

June 23, 2009


The greatest producer of the last decade… yeah… i said it.

Contentious claims aside, the Gilles Petereson radio podcast series has just dropped the first of a two part, 1 hour Jazz mix by none other than

“Mr. I-have-more-creative-aliases-than-your-five-favourite-rappers”.

Occasionally you get undereducated people throwing up other names as the greatest Hip-Hop producer of the last decade, but i’ll be damned i there’s a better artist making both Jazz and Hip-Hop, not to mention wild Brazillian neo-funk.

Anyway, dash overkill in this drop aside, to put it simply, it’s Madlib, its Gilles Peterson Worldwide, its free from iTunes.