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Improbable Ads: FlavorWave Turbo Oven feat. Mr. T

July 29, 2009

I stumbled over this infomercial in the early hours of the morning. It would appear the producers have sodomised the once great Mr. T, reducing himĀ  to a one-line buffoon for the amusement of old ladies and Z-grade infomercial hosts named Darla.

Here are the highlights (watch for the overexcited golden girls lookalike as Mr T enters the studio)

Key line: ‘Mmm, my taste buds is going wow!’


Improbable Ads: L’Oreal Men something-or-other feat. Pierce Brosnan.

May 28, 2009

Well, given that Dubbs opened the floodgates with the ever-infuriating KFC ad, I thought I would give my two-bob’s worth with this little gem from Pierce Brosnan and the folks at L’Oreal. I couldn’t find in in English, so here it is in French.


There’s more to life than making movies…

At which point he turns and looks disapprovingly at me (0:03). Some filthy, greasy look that implies that I have been wasting all of my time making movies while he is out ‘tirelessly campaigning for the environment’.


Improbable Ads: KFC

May 25, 2009

What i really wanted to discuss is the absolute, complete and utter lack of realism in the current KFC ad, for a wrap or toasted roll or some shit.

What we find is a random dude jauntily prancing down the street holding said wrap/roll/shit when he’s suddenly struck by some kind of impulse.

He stops, looks at his hand(?) and then proceeds to leap over a nearby white picket fence, cruise past a couple of chicks standing in a hallway and bowls out into the backyard, where a bit of a party seems to be jumping off. Considering the improbable nature of the ad thus far, it is no small feat that what follows is completely unbelievable.


Dap – Obama style.

He walks up behind the DJ, and with the same hand that had the ‘impulse’ at the beginning (quite probably covered in traces of chicken), he does a little one-two scratch on the already playing record. Then, as if he’s not a jaunty, home invading, pain in the ass, he gives the DJ dap. For the unfamiliar, that involves the classic fist to fist tap.

My point – as if there is one – is simply that when someone barges into my house, doesn’t say hi, and then touches the records, well, lets just say that fist would be moving faster, and directed much closer to the face.

In lieu of the actual ad.

a young adam hills gets his KFC on…