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TomKat in Melbourne aka A Chance to Heckle Wierdo Scientologists

July 5, 2009


In happier times, before their names were conjoined, Tom was a snappy cocktail waiter and Katie was a frumpy, yet kinda hot virgin. I apologise in advance for using the term TomKat.

But how things have changed. As the flagship couple for the worlds most blatant cult, TomKat represents a strange blend of pseudo religious harmony and nutbar craziness. I’m still not convinced that she hasn’t been brainwashed into the whole deal with the promise of huge sums of money, but then i’m a broke ass blogger from Melbourne, what would i know?



RIP Grasshopper…

June 5, 2009


RIP David Carradine (08.12.1936 – 03.06.09)

“Do you hear the grasshopper?”

There was only one choice when casting Bill in Kill Bill I & II – the guy who was a kung-fu master/cowboy before that shit was cool.

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding his death, our best to his fam. Either way, dude was in a whole bag of movies.

NOTR’s Completely Unqualified DVD Reviews

June 2, 2009


Round two of this fine film review series. I have been going a little crazy trying to graduate in 2 weeks time, hence the lack of NOTR action, my bad, i can’t wait to get this regular again (no Kellogs All Bran). This may be influencing me to choose easy DVD targets for comment, as opposed to using my powers for good.

So, while i appreciate that i’m not doing anyone any favours – since i haven’t seen ANY of this round’s films, and my insight consists mainly of random nonsense dredged from the DVD covers and IMDB – if you think about it, we’ve only got Hollywood to blame.


Dallas Penn vs Asher Roth

May 29, 2009

Asher Roth Loves Job Corps from Terrence on Vimeo.

I’ve got a bit of a fan-boy admission, Dallas Penn is one of the major reasons i got into blogging.¬†Dunn and I have discussed his posts, and in particular his videos on numerous occasions.

In fact, i was actually a producer on one of his earlier videos – with Rafi Kam as the Internets Celebrities –¬†Futuristic Brunch (check the credits if you don’t believe me) and he’s only kept it moving forward from there.

Last night, after attending a little going away/album release soiree for our boy Ned, we put this one on full screen, and laughed our asses off, and yeah, there was a little of that sweet white boy weed (WBW) involved. Also massive props to Terrence Elenteny for the insanely slick editing.

So, if you don’t know, now you know.

Dallas Penn

Internets Celebrities


NOTR’s Completely Unqualified DVD Reviews

May 26, 2009


Generally speaking, i tend to fly in the face of conventional wisdom and blatantly judge a DVD by it’s cover, augmented by any information i may have picked up along the way. I’m sure Mr. Ebert would never approve.


Star Trek Cribs

April 24, 2009

These have been kicking around the internets for a year or two, props to G4TV. True story, this was the first time i heard “chillax”.

no salsa on the leather… keep it on the chips!

spock can’t be gettin the backs of his ears all burnt up and stuff…

yeah white boy, its non fat…

The Thirst Crusher

April 22, 2009


There was a time when Solo didn’t need to resort to shark wrestling, midgets or blatant sexism… well… maybe not the sexism.
Either way, the moral of the story is:

Power Guitar Riffs + Cheesy Casio Synths + Sweaty Men + 1980’s ‘Extreme’ Sports + Beefcake Voice Over = Advertising Brilliance.


Caaaaaaaarl Williams…

April 15, 2009

This was the runner up at Tropfest ’09 ‘The World’s Largest Short Film Festival’. Apparently, its better than the winner, but Tubs would be the one to ask.

Blue Murder > Underbelly aka Tits, Kiwis and Police Corruption…

April 14, 2009


I enjoyed Underbelly, the first time round, it was all about Melbourne’s gangland wars. It had Vinnie C banging around looking, well, much like he does anyway except with less tracksuits. It was pretty cool. I was never overly excited by the actual gangland stories, i mean, going to a bar where some dude got capped for snitching is all well and good, but i prefer my beers without gun violence. It had boobs everywhere, some local alleys and northside corners, and even my old street in prahran.


Eminem: “We Made You”… badly.

April 8, 2009

I saw this last night when RapRadar posted the ‘exclusive’… although considering how massively awful it is, i wonder what kudos Mr Wilson deserves? Anyway, it takes a few hours for someone to put it on the ‘Tube for those of us outside the states, then it gets disabled, then it gets re-upped, then i say fk it and get it from Vimeo…

It’s Eminem’s new video/single: ‘We Made You’

The simple, painful fact is that Em was an astonishingly fierce rapper in his day. He still has bags of flow. He just no longer has anything to rap about, preferring to make well produced videos parodying “celebrities”. He’s a bit like the barrage of Scary/Disaster/Superhero/”insert theme here” Movies, crap content that is so predictable its almost pointless. Which is a shame, since an actual comeback post rehab/breakdown would have been a break from the usual.

As the good Doctor said: This makes “Crack A Bottle” seem like “My Name Is…” and makes “My Name Is…” seem like “T.R.O.Y.”…

Also, is it just me, or does he now rap with some kind of pseudo accent… or was that just the buzzing in my ears? Dre looks aright in a Star Trek outfit, as long as you don’t mind the bulging steroid induced facial muscles, and that Palin lookalike well, hmmm, you know. I won’t be holding my breath for Relapse.