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Life is hard…

March 31, 2009

Approx 201 people, 198 bikes, 2 skate boards, 2 stop signs, One Stella, One confused cop, Once around the hood.

The 2nd Brunswick Free Ride. Shouts to rat133 for the video.



March 29, 2009


Last night the NOTR crew was in full effect at the second Brunswick Free Ride after party, and also at the after party party.

As soon as i track down the photographer I’ll post some pics for the cycless and disabled persons that couldn’t make it. Big shout outs go the to organizers Max and Cam, well done boys! cant wait for the next one. Also high praise must go to my nilla’s at the Pharmacy warehouse, another sic party! last but not least all the people that came on the ride pat yourself on the back. or if your like me and your so hungover you cant raise your arms above your head just nod to acknowledge your good work. Peace