Living Proof My Mum is Easy…



Clothing label Cotton On has released a line of children’s tshirts featuring risque, sexually themed slogans.

I’m yet to actually see a kid sporting one of these ‘controversial’ tshirts, but apparently they’re causing quite a stir.

Other phrases include such tasteful child-friendly quotes such as:

“The condom broke”

“Pardon my nipple breath”

“I’m living proof my mum is easy”

“Mummy likes it on top”

“Wipe my butt sucker”

“So hot right now”

“I like big boobs and I cannot lie”

“I’m bringing sexy back”

“Practice safe sucks”

It should come as no surprise that a number of concerned mothers and mother-related people have reacted angrily, shocked and appalled at the use of children as a ‘vehicle for sexual innuendo’ according to some lady in a news report i read. (Yeah, my journo skills are tight).

Apparently this kind of ‘edgy’ clothing gives young children a cheapened sense of what love means, and distorts their ideas about sex, before they’re old enough to form there own… presumably the highly sexualised (my word?) nature of everything on tv, the newspapers, advertising, the internet and society as a whole.

These are the same parents who store their kids on a specially mounted wall rack:


The chick on the right is clearly a little bemused by the situation.

and take their children for walks ala the family dog:


But no one’s sweating that fly yellow legionnaire’s cap (sun safety ftw!) and sailor jumpsuit combo.

Also, as an interesting aside, if you google “ridiculous kids clothing”, half the results on the first page are of Kevin (KFed) Federline… who knew?


One Response to “Living Proof My Mum is Easy…”

  1. Frances Baker Says:

    Sexulised better be a word. I used that shit all over my last gender studies essay.

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