Bit out of it today, so apologies for the randomness… my quest to drink the planet dry of Jamesons continues unabated.

Watched my housemate Sam dance like some kind of unhinged combination of Peter Garett and Jerry Lee Lewis at a 1950’s themed house party last night. It was hilarious. (Hope the house got warmed up nicely Annie.)

I’ve been ‘on’ twitter for a while holla! but without an iPhone, Crackberry or something portable i don’t really see it happening. That said, i read a piece today by Mark Pollard (the man behind Stealth magazine) and i’m sort of inspired to get more involved.


Evidently the conversation is the whole point of it, and i love me a good conversation… as opposed to reading the insipid commentary of a bunch of indy pornstars.

Also, spontaneously Tanya Morgan started following me the other day – your boy’s getting buzz… or they just mistook me for an obscure rapper/pornstar. Either way, they’re sic, and they have a new album out.

Heard the latest leak single off Mos Def’s upcoming album The Ecstatic. Casa Bey was pretty dope, still felt a little too much like New Danger Mos, as opposed to Black on Both Sides Mos, but Auditorium gives me hope of a return to form.


Still on music i’m hyped about, is Random Axe – the ‘super group’ of Black Milk, Guilty Simpson and Sean Price. Run was one of my favourite tracks of last year, and if the album has a few more of those, then start preparing your eardrums.


Would love to do a real write-up about friday night’s Espy show, but i was wildly, gloriously drunk, and hence have only vague feelings and snippets of memory. From what i’ve pieced together i can say:

  • CanCut did well with a tough job (playing first in the main room), when he started, it was empty, when he finished it was more than half full. He brings the ruckus. Also, Dunn told me that when he played at Revolver later that night he killed it, so big props.
  • Barely saw N.A.S.A, which i imagine was a bit of a mistake, but it was crazy packed, and besides, i firmly believe the Gershwin room is one of the nicest rooms in Melbs, that and the hook-ups i had at the bar kept me happy.
  • The Scatterblog crew keep killing it, nice to see the double decks action out again, apparently Mu managed to catch his plane this time.
  • Dave Nada is a mfkn beast, truly dope set, the dudes before him were sic as hell too.
  • The Scatterblog banner looked f-f-f-fresh. Dunno who hooked that up, but it’s mad professional.

Hark. The sweet siren’s call of that fine Irish nectar is calling me, i’m out.


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