Improbable Ads: L’Oreal Men something-or-other feat. Pierce Brosnan.


Well, given that Dubbs opened the floodgates with the ever-infuriating KFC ad, I thought I would give my two-bob’s worth with this little gem from Pierce Brosnan and the folks at L’Oreal. I couldn’t find in in English, so here it is in French.


There’s more to life than making movies…

At which point he turns and looks disapprovingly at me (0:03). Some filthy, greasy look that implies that I have been wasting all of my time making movies while he is out ‘tirelessly campaigning for the environment’.

Give me a break douche-bag, I’m not the one who spent the last decade sipping shaken Martinis and cruising around in unlikely motor vehicles… Something makes me think that a car that can fire rockets and turn invisible is probably doing more damage to the environment that the average Hummer.

Surely he does not miss the irony of the fact that he is on his high-horse about why we should not be making films, whilst surrounded by (amongst other things) a number of cameras, a producer, director, best-boy, makeup artist (clearly), caterer, and numerous other things usually associated with the movie industry.

And speaking of high-horses, what does campaigning for the environment have to do with riding a horse down the beach with your mates and doing an incredibly un-Bond like ‘tally-ho’ as you ride into the sunset.

Give me a break Perce Brosnan, maybe you should stick to making films and leave the environmental crusade up to people like Big Al Gore and Tim Flannery. And don’t look at me mate, I’ve never made a film in my life.


2 Responses to “Improbable Ads: L’Oreal Men something-or-other feat. Pierce Brosnan.”

  1. bigdubbs Says:

    Don’t forget the ‘key grip’

  2. tubswaller Says:

    True. Also the gaffer, with his ever-ready supply of gaffer tape.

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