The Voice aka How Not to Retire Gracefully aka When ‘Best Of’ Compilations Walk The Earth…


John-Farnham JohnFarnham

“My hair’s a little thinner… I’m not…” – John Farnham

I like John Farnham as much as the next red blooded Aussie bloke, well, as much as the next red blooded Aussie bloke to accept that in the cannon of great Australian singers he stands somewhere between Mark Holden and the Wiggles.

Put it this way, he’s better than the combined talent of Australian Idol.

Part of the problem with giving Farnham too much shit (aside from the backlash if bogans ever figure out how to use the internets) is that he just seems like a genuinely nice guy, albeit a touch ingenuous.

When hugely popular musicians retire, i tend to think of them with a little more leniency, since i can be comfortable knowing that i will not be subjected to their gradual descent into irrelevance.

Which is why its so frustrating when someone claims to be retiring and then doesn’t (on like 5 separate occasions) and then has the cheek to call his tours names like The Last Time, I Remember When I Was Young and Back By Demand.


I can only assume that the ‘demands’ in question were made by Glen Wheatley’s accountants – apparently business was slow for 15 months or so, while he was in the big house for tax fraud. Also, anyone claiming to be rejuvenated by performing with Chris Martin should definitely stay in retirement. (I’m looking at you too Jay-Z.)

Still and all, i shouldn’t be too harsh, after all he did write ‘You’re The Voice’… no, wait, that was these guys. I kid of course, its a fuckin anthem, it reached #1 in 6 countries, including Iceland. All this, however, pales into insignificance when compared to this clip.

Best. Song selection. Ever.


One Response to “The Voice aka How Not to Retire Gracefully aka When ‘Best Of’ Compilations Walk The Earth…”

  1. broke Says:

    Dude, I was highly impressed with Hot Rod. I assumed it would be a steaming pile of proverbial, but was pleasently surprised by it. Little known fact, the director is one of the members of Lonely Island. And yes, best song selection ever. I love the dude coming through with a garbage bin, Watts Riots style. Classic gear.

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