Lee Fields & The Expressions



I’ve got an admission to make, Truth & Soul Records were the first label to actually get on to us about previewing their tracks and checking for shows etc…

That said, it’s pretty serendipitous, because they (along with Now & Again) are serving up some glorious funk and deep soul nuggets, both re-issues and freshly minted productions. And that is just what i’m listening to at the moment.

Here’s a new track from 70’s legend Lee Fields, featuring what looks like half of the El Michels Affair, it’s from the forthcoming full length My World, and its all about the Ladies.

Head to Truth and Soul for more info on the record and other projects.

Lee Fields & The Expressions – Ladies

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby


3 Responses to “Lee Fields & The Expressions”

  1. broke Says:

    Nice pull brother. I love Truth and Soul. I’ve been bumping the El Michaels Affair for a few weeks now.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    shit yeah. i was this close to just doing a full write up of The 37th Chamber.

  3. Drab Says:

    nice work notr

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