Newsflash: Bogan chick lies to cameraman…


Obviously i’m a bit late to this story, since the video has already gone viral, getting like 200,000 hits as of yesterday.

As a cameraman, this dude really did his thing – drunk, kinda cute chick runs over claiming to have seen it all go down, roll camera. She then effectively fabricates the entire story, right down to the ‘wog’ accents and the now infamous chk-chk-boom sound effects. Speaking of accents, i don’t know what kind of hybrid kiwi/wogs she hangs out with, but the ‘fatter’ one definitely sounds like he’s from the ‘other’ Tasmania.

wogboy_04 Munter-outrageous-fortune-543795_1024_768

Take 2 parts ‘wog’ add 1 part ‘kiwi’…

And do even the most cliché ridden, stereotypical wogs say ‘fully sick’ any more? Surely that shit is played out by now.

So she gets herself an agent, and sells her completely fictional eyewitness account to everyone’s most trusted source for news – A Current Affair. Although, of course, everybody denies that there’s money involved.

The other detail i love about this story is that Justin Kallu, the guy who actually got shot, is so unimpressed that she’s stealing all his thunder. I mean, homeboy survived getting shot, where’s his You Tube clip and bullshit TV payola? Christ, if this was 2001 he’d have a record deal by now.

“I’m just a bit upset about the fact that I’ve been shot and that I almost lost my life and now there’s this girl all over the news getting popular all because she has no brains”

Couldn’t agree more Justin.


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