10 Gazillion Megabytes… One Scratch.



“Until recently, the idea of holding your entire collection of movies on a single super-sized DVD was the stuff of science fiction”

Boring, boring science fiction indeed. Also, for more reasons this is a silly statement, please see Hardrives.

But this is more of a personal issue i have with the excitement about the development of a super-massive-dvd. With financial backing from Samsung, a team of researchers at Swinburne are claiming that within 10 years time, we could have a commercially available disc that can store more than 2000 times the current capacity. My question to these bright sparks is, what happens if it gets scratched?

That’s something i get a lot of in the DVD rental trade, the old ‘this movie doesn’t play, its too scratched’ routine. Its a fair beef, but really, Samsung and the good folk at Swinburne could extend the viability of the DVD medium considerably by inventing a much more durable product.

Not to say that I don’t love a good story of Australian ingenuity. But really, there’s only so many times we can stand up on an international stage and proudly claim the ‘discovery’ of penicillin, the creation of Speedos or inventing a fucking clothesline without starting to feel a little like ingrate heathens. On the other hand we did invent the bionic ear, the freestyle swimming stroke (aka the Australian crawl), Vegemite, the goon bag and refrigeration (to chill beer).

Also, on behalf of indigenous Australians, i’d like to point out the bullshit hypocrisy of claiming the Boomerang as an ‘Australian’ invention. Since it literally wasn’t Australia before our friendly white British ancestors lobbed in and started killing everything, introducing unwanted wildlife and stealing children. Props to indigenous culture, and its incredible mastery of complex physics.


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