Yes, Pinocchio Does Have Wooden Balls/Late Pass


red and meth shadow

Recently Method Man and Redman released Blackout! 2, the follow up to 99’s Blackout!. Dropped almost a year after its scheduled release date due to touring issues and label B.S the New York duo finally drop their long awaited Blackout! 2

Somewhere in between filming shitty movies, a few solo joints and making some Air Christian Slater lookalike sneaks the brick city bunch found time to hit the studio (via Brooklyn Pro Audio to pick up a Vocoder for Red) and record their new album.


Me in 99, (not really)

Rewind back to 1999 or MCMXCIX as some call it, the year that Google and the internets in general was shitting its pants, when Colin Prescot and Andy Elson set a new world record after being aloft in a hot air balloon for over 230 hours, New Zealand elects its first semi-female Prime Minister, Twelve people are massacred at the Columbine High School, Curtis Mayfield died, so did Dusty Springfield and Big L *wipes tear from eye*. Spongebob Squarepants first hits the airwaves *more tears* and…two stoned emcees from New York hit the labbo to create this.


Method Man & Redman

Blackout! (Def Jam, 1999)

BAm! The first full album colab between two already established emcees, Meth, Fresh off the release of Tical 2000: Judgment Day and Red from 98’s Doc’s Da Name 2000. The time is now 4:19pm. Here we go.

1. A Special Join

Kicking off the album we have the typical stoner intro, weird sound effects, cool funk break looped up with delay on the vocals and police sirens etc. The time is currently 4:20pm.

2. Blackout

This ones a banger, it helps when Red kicks off the verse as Meth can sound a bit lackluster sometimes.

3. Mi Casa

Like in the previous track Red comes out to bat first, which is good coz he’s a better MC than Meth, a few good quotable’s in this verse. Not so much in the second.

4. Y.O.U

Red’s flow on this track is a great example of 90’s hip hop, a thousand syllables per beat, all on time like clockwork . I might be a little biased here but Red murders Meth on every track on this album (and BO2).

5. 4 Seasons

If you wanna record a song with Tupac just pay Suge Night for some acapella’s, you don’t need Ja Rule to do some teh ghey ass impersonation of him. please…no more!

6. Cereal Killer

The RZA produced this track, which isn’t a bad thing except every time RZA puts a female vocalist on one of his songs they sing so out of tune it sounds like a skit from a DOOM album. It’s a shame that hip hop only met auto tune several years later.

7. Da Rockwilder

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard a radio freestyle over this beat. I even tried to kick it myself back in high school, my rap career never really took off after that.

8. Tear It Off

A pretty standard track about nothing in particular, good beat, good chorus, aight verses. Kinda like the next 6 tracks on the album.

9. Where We At

While all my white friends are asleep i bump this. The b b b b bricks. Chea!

10. 1,2,1,2

Kinda like Tear It Off this song has no real theme, it’s the part of the album where you hope a another good song comes up soon.

11. Maaad Crew

Much like Ghost & Rae, Styles & Jada, and pretty much any other decent rap due of the 90’s, this track is a great example of two emcees that can bounce off each others lines. Good ol’ call and response rap. Red does a pretty funny Ol’ Dirty impersonation in here.

12. Run 4 Cover

Ghost makes an appearance on this track, which is good, but they shoulda given him the first verse so i didn’t’ have to fast forward through Street Life’s shiat.

13. The ?

This song’s ok, but loses points for having a Ja Rule sample in the middle.

14. Dat’s Dat Shit

Young Z does the shout outs on this track, which he does quite well but it would be good to hear him do a verse.

15. Cheka

Oh!, The time is now 4:21pm. Chea!

16. Fire Ina Hole

The next few tracks on the album are pretty mediocre, so just skip forward to track 19 if you’re losing interest.

17. Well Allright Cha

Sticking to the format of call and response, over another of E.Serm’s beats. I dunno if it was the budget or just the “keep it in the family” thing but his album needs a few more producers.

18. Big Dogs

A bit more bouncy this time, another freestyle classic.

19. How High (Remix)

The time is now 4:22pm.

18_asher_rothMe in 09, (not really)

Now we find ourselves in 2009 or MMIX, the year that NOTR Blog went gold, Barack Obama becomes the first black president of the United States, Nas & Kelis split No Sex tape and… Two stoned emcees from New York hit the labbo to create this.


Method Man & Redman

Blackout 2 (Def Jam, 2009)

Since releasing the first Blackout! Red and meth have been busy… um doing stuff. But 2000nine is a good time for 90’s dudes to be releasing new stuff – new Reflection Eternal, new Cuban Linx, Nas just dropped, Jay is still here etc.

Vocoders are definitely in the building, and Red is reppin’ hard. The time is now 4:19pm. Here we go. Again.

1. BO2

Opening up the album is the sample from one of the three live shows they’ve done in the last 10 years, They should have just used some location recordings from the set of How High 4 or something.

2. I’m Dope Nigga

As a second track I’m dope Nigga kinda set’s the mood for the rest of the album, ie: not setting the bar too high.

3. Ayo

By now I’m finding Meth’s flow as interesting as his part in Law & Order, thankfully Red still has his A.D.D flow from the 90’s with him. Plus they get extra points for using the air horn sample at the start.

4. Dangerous Mcees

This is the first track on BO2 that sound likes a BO1 song,

5. Errbody Scream

Pretty hype song, the tempo change in the middle is kinda annoying.

6. Hey Zulu

This is the part of the album where you can tell the beats weren’t all produced in 2001, Vocoder on the chorus, pretty lame club track. zzzz

7. City Lights

Once again the vocoder rears its ugly head. Thankfully it’s just Redman taking the piss it the best way possible. I don’t think it’s last we’ll be hearing from it though.

8. Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Something tells me that both Red and Meth would be terrible fathers.

9. Mrs International (Skit)

This is the skit that’s the intro to the worst song on the album.

10. Mrs International

This is the worst song on the album, it sounds like Kanye West taught Method Man how to make music over the phone, then got Mark Ronson to remix it then turned Pharrel Williams teh ghey and convinced him to sing on the chorus. Lame! Asher Roth should have guest spotted.

11. How Bout Dat feat, Ready Roc & Street Life.

How bout only letting Street Life polish Meth’s shoes and rapping on b grade Wu Tang releases? And how bout explaining to me who the fuck Ready Roc is? How bout dat? hmm!

12. Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers

Dis iz also 4 lame mixtapes. Dis iz also 4 32 year old pot heads that only just took The Blackout 1 out of their Walkman. Dis iz also 4 da recycle bin!

13. Lock Down

I really don’t like Kay Slay so I’ll just skip this one.

14. 4 Minutes To Lock down

Ghost & Rae finally make their appearance on the album, which is good coz it lets me know that they still actually hit the studio together.

15. Never Herd Dis b4

Actually i have, it leaked like four months ago.

16. I Know Sumptin

I know sumptin too! I know that Kind David the “producer” ran into the studio while Timberland was in the booth going down on JT and jacked the assistant for the Pro Tools session.

17. A Lil Bit

Sounds too much like Budden’s Touch & Go.

Overall, it’s much like Blackout 1, The beats on BO2 are reasonably consistent, Redman obviously spends more time in his rhyme book than Meth which makes BO2 sound like a Redman album that Meth features on.

Nothing stands out as particularly amazing here, but the tongue in cheek use of vocoders is good to hear on a non Andy Samberg track.

BO2 will prahly get a spin for a few weeks but even after doing this review I’m keen for somethin else. Over all I’m liking The Blackout’s, not really looking forward to No.3 but none the less, 6 from 10 stars.

Standout tracks.


My fav out of the two albums.

How High (Remix)

Such a blazer.

City Lights

Just love that Voco drop.

Neva Herd Dis B4.

Not sure why but I’m still feelin it.

Also note that Helen Clark’s term as PM lasted almost exactly the same amount of time between BO albums! creeepy!


One Response to “Yes, Pinocchio Does Have Wooden Balls/Late Pass”

  1. broke Says:

    I was waiting on this album, but I was also pretty sure it wouldn’t be worth the wait. Bummer.

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