NOTR’s Natural Selection #7



Charles Darwin aka The Real Chuck D aka C Deezy.

The 6 Degrees of Separation Natural Selections are a little like going to Church, except there’s no work, it won’t make you a better person in the eyes of the major religions, and ultimately you end up with a bunch of dubiously connected songs to listen to. Amen.

Remember, these tracks are like little signposts, directing you to good music. Chances are, if you like one song, you’ll probably like others, unless its Dexy’s Midnight Runners, in which case, there is only one.

following on from last week…


Amon Tobin – Stoney Street

Bricolage (Ninja Tune, 1997)

Plucked from the same label as the previous track, the song features Ken Nordine, legendary jazz person and talking guy. Nordine did the voice-overs for a bunch of B grade movies back in the 80’s. He almost has a voice almost as good as Morgan Freeman, almost.


Dj Food Feat. Ken Nordine – Ageing Young Rebel

Kaleidoscope (Ninja Tune, 2000)

Tom Waits was a big fan of Ken Nordine, apparently his jazz was the inspiration tunes like Frank’s Wild Years. This is less spoken-word…


Tom Waits – What Keeps Mankind Alive

Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (Epitaph, 2006)

Have you ever wondered what Tom Waits would sound like paired with Kool Keith over brazilian flavoured hip hop? Wonder no more. (As a side note, the Scatterblog crew are runnin’ tings at the Espy, June 6, both rooms, N.A.S.A, Dave Nada, other guests, be there.)

N.A.S.A feat Kool Kieth & Tom Waits – Spacious Thought’s

Spirit of Apollo (Anti, 2009)

Sticking with the Brazilian flavor for another track we have Os Mutantes, Portuguese LSD abusing psych rock heads. This track has possibly the coolest sounding guitar solo I’ve ever heard.


Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba

Os Mutantes (Omplatten/Polydor, 1968)

But what does ‘Bat Macumba’ mean, you ask? Well, nothing. It a psychedelic mix of the afro beats of Macumba together at last with the campy wonder of Batman.


Snoop Dogg – Batman & Robin

Paid The Cost To Be Tha Bo$$ (Capitol, 2002)

Snoop smokes crazy weed. Devin smokes crazy weed. Andre 3k is a batshit crazy genius most of the time anyway. Key quote: This is for all the engineers who smoke weed/Can’t forget about the production cost and all the hidden fees. Shouts to all the engineers out there.


Devin the Dude feat. Andre 3000 & Snoop Dogg – What a Job

Waiting to Inhale (Rap-A-Lot Records, 2007)

It’s a shame that pretty much all of this album is fishsticks because the skits are fucking hilarious. Boom Boom.


Devin the Dude – Boom Skit’s pt 1, 2 & 3

Waiting to Inhale (Rap-A-Lot Records, 2007)

Weak song transition aside. Devin the Dude AKA Devin Copeland, meet Johnny Copeland, blues master.


Honky Tonkin’ – Johnny Copeland

(Live in New York)

‘Clive’ Copeland won a Grammy in 1987, someone else who won a Grammy that year, he claims this is the greatest song he ever wrote.


Paul Simon – Graceland

Graceland (Warner Bros. 1986)

Bmore legend Scottie B viciously samples the Paul Simon classic You Can Call Me Al. Apologies to anyone who has heard this before, also apologies to anyone who hasn’t heard this one, it’s possibly the most annoying song since that fucking Lou Vega track.


Scottie B & King Tut – You Can Call Me Al

You Can Call Me Al 12″ (Uppercuts, 2007)

Al Gore used ‘You Can Call Me Al’ (original version) as the song for his vice-presidential campaign with Bill Clinton. George W. Bush used this one, until Tom Petty threatened to mess him up if he didn’t stop.


I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty

Full Moon Fever (MCA, 1989)

I could always tell that Petty had a bit of a thing for Johnny Depp by the way he rode on a motorbike with him in the film clip for Into the Great Wide Open. Plus he was rockin’ that dicky mad hatter outfit. This song’s about eating people.


Johnny Depp feat. Helena Bonham Carter – Little Priest

Sweeney Todd OST (Warner Bros. 1997)

I haven’t’ seen Sweeney Todd, but from what i gather something really tragic happens to some dude, then he disappears for a while, then comes back all pissed off and starts acting weird and killin’ people – minus actually killing people. This sounds familiar?


Eminem – 3am

Relapse (Aftermath,2009)

Opening the door at 3 a.m and realising you killed a bunch of people, that’s gotta suck, but not as much as this true tale. This gentleman watched most of his family die on the cold, hard streets of Chicago.


R.L.’s Story – R.L Burnside

Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down (Fat Possum, 2000)

Burnside went to the big ol’ juke joint in the sky in 2005, that year (and a number of others) Skillz released his year end rap-up.


Skillz – 2005 Year End Rap Up

to be continued next week…

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