Herpes much??

[Via Three Thousand]

One day, these woman will be mothers. presumably to multiple partners.

Also check the hilarious comments section where one dude says “I went to high school with these girls…kinda saw it coming “. I know a few girls from high school that might be doing the same thing, prahly on more of a back room of the local R.S.L tip though.

Shout out to ****** *****. Hahaha!

Who will pay for your taxi? Are you fucking kidding me? You ain’t nothin’ but a hoochie mama!


2 Responses to “Herpes much??”

  1. cygnett Says:

    hahaha. i know these girls too. Connie went to tafe with Nicki (longer hair), and they are fucking dynamite. I was hanging out with them at falls fest a couple of years ago, when they go ‘wait a sec, we’ll be back’, and i look up a minute later and they’re dancing on stage on either side of GirlTalk.

    top girls though.

  2. Pea Dun Says:

    Hahahaha, I didn’t think you hung around with “that” crowd.

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