The Government hates fat people…


Must have been interesting casting people to tell those jokes.

The Gruen Transfer is that television rarity… informative AND entertaining. I often miss it due to work, so it was that this little bit of conservative censorship passed me by. They set two agencies a challenge to create an ‘ad’ to promote fat pride/counter prejudice, and this is The Foundry’s submission.

It was deemed too offensive to, well, presumably jewish people, gay people, black people and fat people, but considering the context of its creation that seems pretty ridiculous.

I’d even go so far as to call it counter productive. In the context of creating something to discourage prejudice – in this case its ‘obesity intolerance’ – there’s an implicit acceptance that it will discuss the topic directly.

The road safety ads take a direct, honest and frequently graphic approach, as do the anti smoking ads, its used to lesser success in the anti-ice campaign and to highly entertaining, but supremely dubious effect in the anti-marijuana campaign. I think its fairly clear we just don’t respond to abstract campaigns any more.


No one can predict what marijuana will do to you. Super powers, sometimes awesome and powerful are one possibility.

Marijuana. We have no proof its bad for you.

By censoring the Gruen Transfer, the government is effectively participating in anti-anti-prejudice behaviour. They may as well just go out onto the street and start slapping fat people.

Its actually kind of an interesting barometer for where you’re at in the prejudice stakes, seeing which ‘joke’ makes you most uncomfortable.

So, in summary, the Gruen Transfer stays winning… and the government hates fat people.

Bonus videos:

Heres how they do it in the US…

and how they did it in the 80’s…

finally, as if you’re not convinced…


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