Gold Status



That’s right ya’ll, 10,000, Blog gold status. We officially now have more hits than Tina Turner in the 80’s.

Other notable 10,000s…

  • The number of species of birds identified by modern zoologists.
  • Half the number of leagues under the sea Nemo had to go.
  • The number of web-sites the government recently blocked with their mandatory web filter.
  • The title of a crappy prehistoric action/drama involving mammoths, large flightless birds (no Emu) and some poor acting.
  • How many times Lil Wayne has appeared in film-clips without a shirt.
  • A gang of hoplite mercenaries that fought for the ancient Greeks against the Persians.
  • A slow-ass day for a major blog.

We don’t really have a specific theme, or even a reason for existence besides a self indulgent need to broadcast opinions, music and ill conceived rants out into the internets. So the fact that you all take the time to swim by for a visit makes us all aroused really glad. For those that even go so far as to comment, well we appreciate that even more.

Be sure to keep on checking back, we’ve got some grand plans for this spot, including more localised content, videos, gig reports and photos, collaborations and even some celebrity friends. Seriously, tell your friends. We are taking over.

The NOTR crew: Dubbs, Tubbs and Dilla Dunn.


12 Responses to “Gold Status”

  1. pdilla Says:

    Bling Bling!

  2. Ming The Merciless Says:

    >> The number of problems Chris Brown has (but the b*tch ain’t one..?)

  3. pdilla Says:

    Nah Chris Brown stays havin’ b*tch problems

  4. Frances Baker Says:

    Boom boom

  5. bigdubbs Says:

    The number of times DMX got arrested before he turned 16?

  6. bigdubbs Says:

    and i like the percussive nature of the comments.

  7. Pea Dun Says:

    the amount of Jamies I’m drinkin’ tomorrow night.

  8. bigdubbs Says:

    switchin’ up the handle dun?

  9. Pea Dun Says:

    feelin’ guilty for carrying the name of a legend.

  10. tubswaller Says:

    It’s ten times worse than the millennium bug!!!

  11. broke Says:

    Props on the 10,000 hits y’all, well earned.
    Screw Optus for keeping my ADSL from me. They’re holding back all my ability to keep up. But i’m on a comeback, hopefully by next week. Imma revamp the blog and get back at it.

  12. Pea Dun Says:

    yea Broke, we waitin’ for ya…

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