King of the world, ma!



Just a quick nod to Mr. Bob Dylan, who made his way to the top of the UK charts with his new album, Together Through Life. Without knowing Bob personally, this blogger feels entirely confident in claiming that being on top of the charts again would not interest him in the slightest, but I think its pretty swell.

In Australia’s ARIA charts, the album is currently sitting on fifth with a bullet (a saying I dicovered the meaning behind whilst researching this post) behind such classic albums as Songs for My Mummy (Ronan Keating) and the soundtrack to the tween film Twilight.

Interestingly, Dylan’s last UK No. 1 was back in 1970 with New Morning, which included the track ‘If Not For You’ which became a hit for George Harrison, Bryan Ferry and Olivier Newton-John.

Together Through Life is a double, with the second disc being an episode from Dylan’s radio show Theme Time Radio Hour, the theme being Friends and Neighbours. Essentially he spends an hour playing some of his favourite tunes, spinning yarns and offering pearls of wisdom.



2 Responses to “King of the world, ma!”

  1. samuelcooney Says:

    squeezebox on every track. who’d a thunk it?

  2. tubswaller Says:

    Indeed, I’m a big fan… it gives a sweet zydeko/cajun feel mixed with Willie Dixon inspired city blues. Dynamite combo I say.

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