‘How Not To Host The Logies 101’ by Liza Minelli.


Its both belated and seriously under researched, but i just found out how badly Gretel Killeen choked while hosting the Logies.


It strikes me that they get less and less relevant each time round. This year we got an angry Annie Lennox singing (she’s still alive, who knew?), bullshit international ‘celebrities’ and endless post-show talk about Gretel’s epic fail, rather than say, the actual TV shows.

How Not To Host The Logies 101, by Liza Minelli.

Just in case you needed more proof of her inability to speak on television… Watch as a fat bald guy consoles her by explaining that the blogoshpere goes wild for this, but nobody tweets anything positive.

He’s right of course, but i don’t have the time or inclination to try and find a positive in all this nonsense, let alone rant about it in 140 characters.


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