NOTR’s Natural Selection #6



Charles Darwin knows everyone on the planet, man and beast. He also wrote the screenplay for “6 Degrees of Separation”… shit film, good mixtape concept. It is also the only time you can see the Fresh Prince bang a male prostitute in a kids room.

This time round we’ve got a themed selection. While it may seem unlikely, there exists a track by track relationship all the way down the line. The links that bind these songs may be obscure, but trust us, they’re there. We’re liking this idea, so expect to see dubiously connected mix tapes aplenty round these parts. As always, consider these tracks teasers of the goodness available to honest, wholesome, supportive, money-paying, music buyers.


Major – Concrete Nigger

DJ babu’s Duck Season Vol 1 (Sequence, 2002)

My guess is Babs never shot a duck in his life, he also didn’t produce Concrete Nigger by Major but Waajeed did. (keep reading…)


Waajeed – Act Like You Know (G.O.A.T. Remix feat. J Dilla)

The War LP (Fat City, 2007)

Waajeed also prahly never shot a duck before, but he did produce a track for Dilla no P


J Dilla – Oxtopus

(Unreleased – 2006)

J Dilla is the G.O.A.T and this track is rumoured to be the last made before he died in 2006, it also sounds a lot like the next track…


Clipse – Grindin’

Lord Willin’ (Startrak, 2002)

Pharrell Williams produced this track for Malice & Pusha T back in 02′. Pharrell doesn’t sell drugs, the brothers Thornton do, as does their former manager Geezy. Guess who else has a beat produced by Pharrell and has a questionable criminal background…


Jay-Z – Blue Magic

American Gangster (Roc-A-Fella, 2007)

If you answered Jay-Z you were correct! Jay Z created the Black Album, which was sampled by Danger Mouse to create this record…


Danger Mouse – What More Can I Say

The Grey Album (2004)

The album got it’s lighter tones from this classic album…


The Beatles –Ob-la-di Ob-la-da

The White Album (Apple, 1968)

Apparently the title of the song means ‘life goes on’ in Nigerian. A Nigerian chap called Jimmy Scott who ended up playing congos on the track, told this to Paul, which inspired the song. He later unsuccessfully tried to sue The Beatles for royalties…


‘Little’ Jimmy Scott – Imagination

Very Truly Yours (Savoy, 1955)

This man is also called Jimmy Scott, though no relation to the Nigerian. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1925 with Kallmann’s Syndrome, which stopped him from reaching puberty, hence the high feminine voice. It also stunted his growth, leaving him at five feet tall…


Randy Newman – Short People

Little Criminals (Reprise, 1977)

This is a song about short people. It was banned in the fine state of Maryland, as was this song…


Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women #12 & #35

Blonde on Blonde (Columbia, 1966)

Robert Allen Zimmerman wrote some great songs, he was also stayed pimpin’, apparently he had so many women he gave them numbers. Wondering what the link is? Do the math bitches, 35 – 12 = Strawberry Letter 23…


Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23

Inspiration Information (CBS, 1974)

I love that whole album, highly recommended, not least because Otis is a great surname, don’t forget of course, that it also works well as a first name…


Otis Redding – Hard to Handle

7″ Single (Atlantic, 1968)

Ah, Otis, if you thought things were hard to handle, consider being a red-headed orphan living on the street, that is, until an obscenely rich, dodgy bald man takes you home…


Aileen Quinn – A Hard Knock Life

Annie OST (CBS, 1981)

Once the lil’ redhead copped that sweet Daddy Warbucks investment capital, she got into the New York real estate market, got herself a flash crib with a dedicated snack room. Kid Koala made a track about it…


Kid Koala – Annie’s Parlour

Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs (Ninja Tune, 2003)

Another dope artist on the excellent Ninja Tune roster is a gentleman called Amon Tobin, he comes from Brazil, land of g-strings and football players. Bricolage is one of the few records that Pitchfork (aka “a pack of long necked bastards” – P Dilla) gave 10/10…


Amon Tobin – Stoney Street

Bricolage (Ninja Tune, 1997)

to be continued next week…

(Also, if anyone has a theme for a Natural Selection, drop us a line in the comments.)

DOWNLOAD: NOTR’s Natural Selection #6

More Natural Selection Goodness HERE


3 Responses to “NOTR’s Natural Selection #6”

  1. pdilla Says:

    OMG! that Beatles record has no boundaries.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    no bob dylan, no beatles… shit dun, what kind of a childhood must you have had?

  3. Ming The Merciless Says:

    George Benson?

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