A Cardboard King…



Dad worked for Visy (Board) Industries for a number of years. He never had a bad word about Dick Pratt, as a result, i’m kinda biased towards him too. Last year he was valued at approx $5.4 billion.

At least, i’m very sceptical as to the legitimacy of this whole ‘scandal’ and the ensuing legal proceedings. It seems strange to me that he paid $36 million in fines for collusion and price fixing in conjunction with Amcor, and yet was still being persecuted upto the day of his death, meanwhile, Amcor doesn’t even make it into the news. Of course, it could just be another Ned Kelly complex.

Either way, if you’re a Carlton fan, you’re just glad that this time the dodgy businessman actually helped the club, as opposed to John Elliot.

The Pratt Foundation donates over $13 million a year, and he was a champion of recycling years before it was cool, surely, now we can give him back his Order of Australia medals.


RIP – Richard Pratt (10.12.1934 – 28.04.2009)

Image via Nigel Clements Photography


Amy Winehouse – Take the Box

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Westcoast Recycler


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