NOTR’s Natural Selection #5



When Charles Darwin jumped into the water, he didn’t get wet. The water got Charles Darwin.

Its a belated numero cinco this week. Contrary to popular belief, life outside the internets gets pretty hectic sometimes, its not all laying on the couch and eating cereal. The whole crew is busy in side projects at the moment, to paraphrase the imortal words of Loverboy… ‘everybody workin’ for the weekend. The usual oddball selection this week, various themed selections and some classics, theres also an unfortunate run in with Jon Bon Jovi. Enjoy.


In Love – Exile

Radio (Plug Research, 2009)

Finally copped this the other day, its a pretty great record, no party starter by any stretch, but it has its charm. Its all sampled from the radio, and the creative use of content is pretty ridiculous. Its sequenced so well that it seems unfair to pick one track without the following/preceding track, so i went with the single.


Ah ODB (RIP), you were a genius. This was such a funny track when i first heard it, and on the many subsequent spins, it actually gets almost poignant. If anyone prefers the Foundations version, you suck.


Red Telephone – Love

Forever Changes (Elektra, 1967)

Arthur Lee was mates with Jim Morrison and Hendrix, he was 22. This record has mariachi horns, sweeping orchestral strings and dark atmospherics. Last time i was overseas i lost a bunch of cds en route from Bolivia to L.A, i bought this record at Amoeba and pretty much listened to it the whole time, i’d heard it was the perfect soundtrack to L.A. I concur.


Sugarman – Rodriguez

Cold Fact (Sussex, 1970)

Rodriguez (aka Sixto aka Jesus) originally released this in the US, he had little success and he was dropped. A few years later an Australian label re-released it and he actually toured twice, in ’79 and ’81 (with Midnight Oil). The album then went platinum in South Africa. Confused? Put it this way, i always thought of him as a less talented, latino, Bob Dylan.


The Healer – Erykah Badu

New Amerykah: Part 1 [4th World War] (Universal Motown, 2008)

The best song off a great record. Madlib produced it. Apparently there was supposed to be parts 2,3 and 4. But as usual with Ms.Badu, she hooked up with a talented rapper (Jay Electronica) and not much was heard from either of them again… Baduizm strikes again.


De La Soul – Stakes Is High

Stakes Is High (Rhino/Ada 1996)

I remember seeing the film clip for this track on rage back in the day, bout 4am, I hit record faster than a rat gets fucked and I still got the VHS in a box somewhere in mums basement. Stakes Is High was my first intro to De La, I spent the next week at high school telling everyone to call me Plug 4. Apart from when my sister used to play that Janet Jackson track, this was the first time i heard a Dilla beat.


Nas – The Message

It Was Written (Columbia 1996)

Nas has that look on his face like “It’s gonna be a real bitch having to release a follow up to Illmatic.” He was right, it was. If you ask me (and my opinion means absolutely fuck all) Nas only just got back on his griz with “Untitled”.


Redman – Pick It Up

Muddy Waters (Def Jam 1996)

If you’ve seen the Redman MTV Cribs skit then you wouldn’t be surprised if this cover photo was actually taken inside the Doc’s house. “That’s my cousin right there, he be knocked out.” Also having a Nintendo and a Dreamcast next to his bed may explain why Red and Meth haven’t released an album for a while.


Jay-Z Brooklyn’s Finest (Feat Notorious B.I.G)

Reasonable Doubt (EMI America 1996)

The intro to this track features probably the worst Al Pacino impersonation ever recorded! And I’ve looked at a few on the tube so I would know. That aside, the hip hop equation of Hov + B.I.G = instant classic, remains true. Simple mathematics, you gotta love it. (Also note that this is the JaŸ-Z version not the usual Jay-Z release)


Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500 (Feat Raekwon & Cappadonna)

Ironman (Epic 1996)

This track comes from a in hip hop when you could dress like retired PE teacher and still be considered gully. 

This week I have decided to narrow my scope of choice for my five tracks. So heres an offering of five Willie Nelson duets (or triet or quadrella) [sic]. Mainly pulled from the Tube – Tubs

Crazy – Willie, Diana Krall & Elvis Costello

I’m a huge fan of Elvis Costello’s, and his wife plays a mean piani. This one’s from a TV show, don’t know the year, but it looks recent enough.

Dead Flowers – Willie, Kieth Richards, Ryan Adams & Hank Williams III

Willie = Legend. Kieth Richards = Legend. Ryan Adams = Amazing, working his way up to legend status. Hank Williams III = Grandson of Legend but not so great in his own right. Way to let down the team.

The Harder They Come – Willie & Ryan Adams

This one I pulled from an episode of Letterman (4/11/02), and the backing band is none other that Paul and his ‘CBS Orchestra’ (you have to imagine the voice over guy saying that, because it doesn’t translate to print so well).

Georgia On My Mind – Willie & Ray Charles

This song features Willie and Ray sharing a piano. 1986.

Always on my Mind – Willie, Richie Sambora & Jon Bon Jovi

I don’t like JonBon, but I do like this song in general. This one features Jon standing awkwardly at the mic, and Ritchie tearing up a double necked acoustic guitar like an Edge wannabe. It’s from a TV show in ’07.

DOWNLOAD: NOTR’s Natural Selection #5.

More Natural Selection Goodness HERE


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