More Embroidery Than Your Favourite Rapper


You’d be forgiven for thinking that improbably named Lacey Italiano is a type of lingerie embroidery or the name of the old upholsterer on Sydney Rd, but in fact it’s Australia’s very own ‘bad-ass’ gangster rapper.


Homeboy pouting on the left is Jade aka Lacey, with his weedcarrier little brother Dionne.

So the story goes that these gangstas have been charged with some serious crimes. Although Lacey Italiano was cleared of murder yesterday, he still faces a charge of unlawful wounding, while his little bro is looking at a stretch for killing 23 year old landscape gardener Kevin Palmer in late 2007.


Lacey was disappointed when they failed to get pink roses…

The boys are also set to stand trial for the attempted murder of teenager Owen Matthews, who they did an Underbelly on, and forced him to dig his own grave, but didn’t actually shoot. Back in 2007, when it kicked off, they went on the run, but have since been caught and held for the last year.

Flying in the face of gun legislation, apparently the boy’s lawyer has stated that “even a bad-ass rapper has the right and entitlement in law to defend himself and/or his brother where there is a sufficient threat to life or limb…”

So its illegal to carry a gun, but not illegal to use one?

There’s nothing funny about murder of course, but the case serves as an interesting parody of the tried and true gangster shooting routine much practiced by aspiring rappers in the US. Of course, the career of Lacey Italiano is funded not by the traditional drug money, or heavy-handed record label deals, rather, the cash is coming from Papa Lacey aka The Milkman and his milk distribution business.


Would you buy milk from this man?

Of course, with all the criminal proceedings going on, there isn’t a lot of milk money left for gangsta records. In fact, its alleged that Papa Lacey, aka The Milkman has spent close to a milli on ‘protection’ for his boys inside prison, enlisting the help of a couple of bikie gangs to look after the young men.

The heavily tattooed milk magnate scoffed at this claim however, proclaiming “my boys can look after themselves…who told you that rubbish? They must be an imbecile. They need to get a life.” Before pouring milk on the unsuspecting journalist. Gangsta.



5 Responses to “More Embroidery Than Your Favourite Rapper”

  1. goldcoastfella Says:

    they did shoot the other bloke Owen Matthews threw the hand is what i believe to be the story and from what i have heard around the town is it was the wrong guy they got as to why he didn’t get killed

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    i’ve seen some message board type comments from when it originally went down, and by the sound of it, yeah it was all pretty confused.
    makes me glad i survived my 6 months working as a landscape gardener.

  3. Kniel Shankman Says:

    That last picture makes me thirsty… mmmm…

  4. bigdubbs Says:


  5. brisbanian Says:

    yeh mate it appears like them boys where jut tyrna make a name for them self and be gangsters but didn’t have the mindset of gangsters and dint think to speak before you shoot someone
    the guy who i have heard did rip them off is still walking round real smug after he almost let a young fella die for his own greed
    but Matthews shouldn’t of been associating with that sort of filth would love to hear the rest of his story as to why he got involved in drug dealing and how the consequences have affected him would make a good book or movie even and might be a good thing for young wannabe druggys to read or watch and realize it aint all roses

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