The Thirst Crusher



There was a time when Solo didn’t need to resort to shark wrestling, midgets or blatant sexism… well… maybe not the sexism.
Either way, the moral of the story is:

Power Guitar Riffs + Cheesy Casio Synths + Sweaty Men + 1980’s ‘Extreme’ Sports + Beefcake Voice Over = Advertising Brilliance.

Isn’t that just an inflatable boat like you’d take to the beach as a kid?

When you’re a large man, who enjoys a spot of desert windsurfing, you gotta crack a solo!

Light on fizz… so you can destroy whole swathes of rainforest before pouring your drink on your neck…

And just in case you missed it:

“you gotta work it hard to be a solo maaaan… you’re gonna take the lead and make the others follow… you’ve gotta keep in shape to be a solo maaaan… and when you’ve got a thirst for it… you’ve gotta crack a solo!


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