NOTR’s Natural Selection #4



Charles Darwin was a stickler for punctuality, he also had a mean jump shot.

First name Charles, second name Darwin. Back in effect for round 4, this week sees an assortment of music for your ears as well as the usual informative but always hilarious commentary. You know how it goes, if you enjoy the tracks be sure to go out and give the artists your money, whether its for their music, their shows, sexual favours, high-grade narcotics, or even just to wash your car. It ain’t easy being a musician.


Get Crazy – Ghislain Poirier

Soca Sound System (Ninja Tune, 2009)

Mr. Poirier is very, very good. Thank the internets for this one, apparently he made it in a hotel room one night in Paris on his trusty MPC. I have an MPC, if i go to Paris, i wonder if i could make a track this nuts?


The Heist – Jaylib

Champion Sound (Stones Throw, 2003)

Dilla + Madlib. If you don’t love this song, you should just retire your ears. Or kill yourself.


Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt – Manfred Krug

No.4 Du Bist heute Wie Neu (Amiga, 1976)

When he was 13, Manfred Krug worked in a steel factory in East Germany. Since then he has starred in about a thousand films, and released nearly as many records. He also won a Bavarian Film Award. Not bad for a young steel worker. I don’t speak German, but i’m pretty sure the title means fucking awesome white boy funk.


Ain’t No Sunshine – Lyn Collins

7″ b/w Think (People, 1972)

The ‘Female Preacher’ was discovered by James Brown, along with her relatives Bootsy and Catfish Collins. Talented family anyone? This was the flip of the single Think, which has been sampled by pretty much everyone on the planet. Just a lovely track.


Blind Man – L.A Carnival

12″ b/w Colour (Pacific Avenue, 1969)

This song is just so effortlessly rad. The cover picture is of the excellent remastered release from Now-Again Records. It was effectively the Les Smith Soul Band, but led by Lester Abrahms (L.A), aka ‘the baddest drummer in town’. They knocked out this classic piece of psychadaelic funk, then promptly disbanded.


Help Save the Youth of America – Billy Bragg

Talking With the Taxman About Poetry (Go! Discs, 1986)

Someone needs to save them, so why not Billy Bragg. Plus this song is a nice divergence from him usual union songs.


Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) – Bob Dylan

Blonde On Blonde (Columbia, 1966)

Pre motorcycle accident. Post Newport Folk Festival. This is apparently the first ever double album. The cover art has always puzzled me – why have the photo slightly out of focus? I’ve never understood the artistic merit, but I’m no artist so I’ll leave well enough alone.


John Henry – Bruce Springsteen

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (Columbia, 2006)

Ordinarily I’m not much of a Boss admirer, but when he’s doing classic Americana with a huge string band, I’ll give him a second go.


She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule To Ride) – Taj Mahal

The Natch’l Blues (Columbia, 1968)

I recently found out that the Katy is a train running from Missouri, through Kansas, to Texas. That would be Ka(nsas)Ty(xas)… or something like that. Good song too.


In the Midnight Hour – Wilson Pickett

The Exciting Wilson Pickett (Atlantic, 1966)

Well, he looks pretty excited on the cover. Can’t really argue with that.


The Black Block (Rustie Remix) – Modeselektor

Happy Birthday! Remixed (BPitch Control, 2008)

Um…turn it up!…Loud!


Dollar – Steve Spacek

Dollar$ 12″ (Sound In Colour, 2005)

Dropped by Oh No in his set at Section 8 last night, this one banged, (being a Dilla beat they always do), the remix by IG Culture is also dope.


Quadrant 3 – Harmonic 313

When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence (Warp, 2008)

Pitchfork media are a bunch of long neck bastards and they need to shut the fuck up!

Their review of this album was shit, therefore it was incorrect.

Eat a dick pitchfork.


Imperials – Ratatat

LP3 (XL Recordings, 2008)

I get tired of Ratatat pretty quick, the remixes albums they did sounded really disjointed and incoherent, and those guitar lines get really repetitive. Having said that this track is sic, those hand claps are off the chain.


Giggle Riddim – Piddy Py

12″ (Giggle Riddim, 2008)

Just after the gunshot sample is where your neck snaps and you shit your pants, so sit the fuck down and diaper up.

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More Natural Selection Goodness HERE


3 Responses to “NOTR’s Natural Selection #4”

  1. Frances Baker Says:

    I’m listening to Lyn Collins right now! Nice album.

  2. samuelcooney Says:

    have Talking with the Taxman About Poetry on record, though not a huge fan of it.

    have you hear Bragg and Wilco’s collaboration – albums called Mermaid Avenue Vol 1 and Vol 2? they recorded heaps of Woody Guthrie songs (his words, their music). cool story, great music.

  3. bigdubbs Says:

    Yeah, i feel kinda that way about a lot of his stuff really, having never connected too deeply to the UK trade union movement or been a coal miner… i’m pretty sure there was a track off mermaid avenue #1 in the very first Natural Selection.

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