Tougher than your favourite rapper…



So it turns out that Albanian women, as opposed to your favourite rapper, are the most hardbody people on the planet.

The year was 1997, the country, Albania.

Life was not easy, the people were angry and broke as thousands got screwed over by dodgy pyramid schemes, famous local brothers Jim and John Belushi had gone to America to become stars, and a young lady called Mrike Rrucaj was all worn out from rioting in the streets.

She went to bed, wondering how she would ever get her savings back, and while she slept, someone shot her in the head.

But that didn’t phase Mrike, oh no, she just rolled over and kept on dreaming, completely unaware that she had a bullet lodged in her head, until now… 12 years later.



In other news, Nicholas Cage, famous for numerous terrible roles in shit films, has had to tighten the fiscal belt to deal with the current crisis, forced to sell his 16th century, 28 room, 156 hectare castle in Bavaria. Poor Ghost Rider.


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