MTV UK’s “Top” 100 Albums aka A Pack of Tasteless Heathens Make a List…



Recently, MTV UK conducted a poll to find the “Greatest Album Ever” (since 1981) and the results are, quite frankly, disturbing.

I’ve never really associated myself, or anyone i know, with the “MTV Generation”, which is largely due to the distinct lack of MTV in Australia, but considering the choices on this list, i’m glad.

Taking the parochial nature of these kind of polls into account, i can forgive a slight bias towards UK acts, but how does Craig David get 2nd place, and the fucking Arctic Monkeys? The order of this list is all messed up, and i can think of a crate load of albums that should be on there. The only conclusion i can draw is that the poll voting, music listening, UK residing, MTV Generation are cretins. No offence.

Top 20 after the drop…

1. Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

2. Craig David – ‘Born To Do It’

3. Guns N’ Roses – ‘Appetite For Destruction’

4. Radiohead – ‘OK Computer’

5. Nirvana – ‘Nevermind’

6. Oasis – ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’

7. Oasis – ‘Definitely Maybe’

8. U2 – ‘The Joshua Tree’

9. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Whatever People say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’

10. Amy Winehouse – ‘Back to Black’

11. The Strokes – ‘Is This It?’

12. Kanye West – ‘The College Drop Out’

13. The Stone Roses – ‘The Stone Roses’

14. Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’

15. The Smiths – ‘The Queen Is Dead’

16. Rage Against The Machine – ‘Rage Against The Machine’

17. Prince and The Revolution – ‘Purple Rain’

18. REM – ‘Automatic For The People’

19. Usher – ‘8701’

20. Pixies – ‘Doolittle’


5 Responses to “MTV UK’s “Top” 100 Albums aka A Pack of Tasteless Heathens Make a List…”

  1. jcoop05 Says:

    Wow, some of the stuff on this list isn’t that bad speaking in terms of MTV. But the order is completely whacked. In no way shape or form is ‘Born to Do It’ on the same level as Radiohead, the Pixies, the Strokes, etc.

  2. Drab Says:

    Well Im glad at least the band that started modern rock got a mention.

  3. samuelcooney Says:

    who, eminem? i’d hardly call him modern rock.

  4. bigdubbs Says:

    haha, yeah the order is painful. I just keep getting stuck on Craig David… fkn Craig David??? He even sounded surprised when they interviewed him about it.

    as for the Pixies inventing modern rock, thats just tom’s deluded fantasy.

  5. pdilla Says:

    Not only did the Pixies invent modern rock, they also invented music, playing the guitar and are credited with coining the phrase “Fuck a duck” true story!

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