Eminem: “We Made You”… badly.


I saw this last night when RapRadar posted the ‘exclusive’… although considering how massively awful it is, i wonder what kudos Mr Wilson deserves? Anyway, it takes a few hours for someone to put it on the ‘Tube for those of us outside the states, then it gets disabled, then it gets re-upped, then i say fk it and get it from Vimeo…

It’s Eminem’s new video/single: ‘We Made You’

The simple, painful fact is that Em was an astonishingly fierce rapper in his day. He still has bags of flow. He just no longer has anything to rap about, preferring to make well produced videos parodying “celebrities”. He’s a bit like the barrage of Scary/Disaster/Superhero/”insert theme here” Movies, crap content that is so predictable its almost pointless. Which is a shame, since an actual comeback post rehab/breakdown would have been a break from the usual.

As the good Doctor said: This makes “Crack A Bottle” seem like “My Name Is…” and makes “My Name Is…” seem like “T.R.O.Y.”…

Also, is it just me, or does he now rap with some kind of pseudo accent… or was that just the buzzing in my ears? Dre looks aright in a Star Trek outfit, as long as you don’t mind the bulging steroid induced facial muscles, and that Palin lookalike well, hmmm, you know. I won’t be holding my breath for Relapse.



4 Responses to “Eminem: “We Made You”… badly.”

  1. pdilla Says:

    Although I did laugh all the way through that video, It’s clear that I will never listen to it again.

  2. broke Says:

    Shit is killing me homie, I want Em’s return to be straight lyrical fire, but i’m pretty sure by the first few singles it’ll be a whole lot of nothing wrapped up in some dope production and a few punchlines.
    Such a waste of a legendary rapper.

  3. Drab Says:


  4. bigdubbs Says:

    thats another thing… in this day and age, who the fk doesn’t allow embedding of their first video single?

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