NOTR’s Natural Selection #2



Charles Darwin only listened to obscure afro-funk 45’s, and only on his Goldmund Reference II.

Charlie’s back, and this time round we’re retiring the ‘random’ button and just lacing you with 15 tracks that we’re enjoying at the moment, including some beats, some jazz, some hip-hop, an Australian classic and even a little Tom Waits in a boat. So come in out of the thunderstorm, light up a stogie, pour a tall glass of expensive booze and enjoy. You know the deal, if you like their work, go buy more music from these artists.


Park Bench People – Jose James

The Dreamer (Brownswood Records, 2008)

José James doing a lovely jazzy soul cover of Freestyle Fellowship. First heard this when Neil sent me a link to the video, then i heard the b-side which is a collabo with Flying Lotus. He’s billed as the ‘new soul singer for the hip hop generation’, and while that seems kind of sweeping, i’m willing to forgive a lot for that baritone. Brownswood Records is Gilles Peterson’s imprint i’m pretty sure.


El Michaels Affair – PJ’s feat Raekwon

The PJ’s From Afar (Truth & Soul 2007)

As Wu-Tang producer The Rza explains “Rae was a slang master, all he had to have were those drums. If he has a hot pair of drums he’s going to rip it”. And rip he does, aided by the El Michels Affair (the band that did those sic Wu-Tang funk covers). This is an excellent mix of throwback funk and fresh hip hop production. I love listening to Rae tracks and trying to understand what he’s actually talking about, his use of slang is real fuckin’ deep. Also an essential part of any Rae track is a bit of crack talk on the intro and shouts to the Dj on the out.


Cry Me a River – Julie London

The Girl Can’t Help It OST (20th Century Fox, 1956)

I love Julie London. She used to refer to her voice as “oversmoked” which is appropriate considering how i usually listen to it. Also, i’m claiming that this movie was effectively the reason for the Beatles forming, Lennon was inspired by the numerous cameos in the film, and when McCartney auditioned for the Quarrymen, he performed Twenty Flight Rock like Eddie Cochran in this film.


Stereotyp – Uepa feat Joyce Muniz

(Man Recording 2006)

I’d much appreciate anyone that can tell me what “Uepa” means, I’m assuming its something sexy coz’ Joyce Muiz sounds like a hottie. This one was given to me by Lewis Cancut a while back, it was originally released back in 06′ but it actually comes from the future! No fucking shit! It’s gonna take a while for most people to catch up to the production standards of these guys. I think you beat makers need to get your Delorion on!   (I’m also pretty sure I put the wrong album cover on here as well, sorry)


Tomcat – Muddy Waters

AnotherLateNight (Azuli Records, 2002)

Muddy Waters started out selling moonshine in a juke joint. Tommy Guerrero started out skateboarding for Peralta. This popped up in my iTunes the other day, and its been knockin’ about in my head since. Other artists who’ve done a Late Night Tales mix include, Turin Breaks, Sly & Robbie, Four Tet and i think Cinematic Orchestra are doing the next one.


The Changeling – Chris Wilson

Live at the Continental (Aurora, 1994)

Most reports seem to confirm that Chris Wilson is, in fact, an asshole, and its not just an on stage persona. But we will forgive him that because he is a giant of Australian music. The Changeling is approaching perfection. (The album is currently being re-released with more tracks recorded that night at the Continental Cafe).


Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones, Atlantic, 1971)

My favourite pick from the Stones’ classic ‘bulge’ album. Sing along, you know the words.


Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits (And Some That Will Be) (Columbia, 1981)

Apart from the title of this album being Nostradamus-style prediction (the album went 4 times platinum), and the artwork looking like a propaganda poster for the Willie Nelson Communist State (it looks like a nice place, I’d probably live here), the songs are pretty decent also. Sweet banjo intro and pedal steel solo.


3 Kings – Slim Thug, T.I & Bun B

Ratatat presents Remixes Vol II (2007)

No one sounds quite like Ratatat, they have developed such a characteristic ‘laser-synth’ (© Brooklyn Zoo) sound that its impossible to mistake them. This compilation of remixes sees them implementing new tracks as well as some off their demo tape (The 9 beats of Ratatat) and taking some hip hop bangers in a whole new direction. Vol. I & II are both highly recommended, oh yeah, and Bun B is sic.


John Lurie – Rivers of Men feat Tom Waits

Fishing With John (Strange & Beautiful 1993)

If you don’t know John Lurie you really fuckin need to. Actor, musician, painter, producer and part time Kaufman prankster. This album features John singing on a boat with Tom Waits. From his cult classic TV show Fishing with John. I think the spoken word/comedy genre has been under-represented at NOTR so I thought I’d drop this into the mix. If you got a slow day in the office look him up on the tube.


Three Hundred Pounds of Joy – Howlin’ Wolf

The Howlin’ Wolf Album (Chess, 1969)

A giant of the Memphis electric blues revolution. This song is written by Willie Dixon, Chess’ go-to man (he wrote most of their songs, played a mean double bass, sexy baritone voice, and recorded songs by himself). Howlin’ Wolf didn’t like the album, as it says of the cover, but that didn’t stop the Chess brothers from releasing it.


City Lights – Redman & Method Man feat. UGK

Blackout II (Def Jam, 2009/10?)

Over 10 years in the making, the dynamic duo are preparing to drop the follow up, Blackout II, with some help from Premier and Pete Rock among others. This is the 2nd single that leaked, and it knocks. Red and Meth show they’re still entertaining, and as usual with any track featuring UGK, Bun absolutely kills it, even Pimp C (RIP) gets in by way of a sample. The track itself was produced by some dude called Nasty Kutt.


Harmonic 313 – Cyclotron

(Warp 2008)

One of the most progressive electronic producers coming out of Australia to date, Harmonic 313 (aka Mark Pritchard) has worked with some pretty reputable names. This beat bangs in the club and 313 maintains this high level of attention to detail throughout the rest of the album. Mark Pritchard is playing at The Laundry Sat 11th April, most definitely a show not to miss, so don’t be all “Aww shucks, I missed it” NOTR will definately be in the building. Chea!


Flying Lotus – R2D2

Shhh! EP (White Label 2008)

When I hear this track I imagine riding around on a cruiser through some green ass forest on Endor chasing Ewoks around, when in reality I’m just at home in front of my speakers staring at the wall wondering how the fuck people can make sic futuristic music, from his Shhh! EP Fly Lo brings his trade mark experimental electronic hip hop with lasers sound, sampling the legendary R2D2 himself smashing that with some side chained bass and those claps that go UH! in all the right places. I missed Fly Lo when he played out here and I was like “Aww shucks, I missed it.”


Ol ’55 – Tom Waits

Closing Time (Asylum, 1973)

It’s gotta be the only song in the history of the world with the word ‘lickety-splickly’ in it. Good enough reason to include it I say… also… Tom Waits. Enough said.

DOWNLOAD: NOTR’s Natural Selection #2

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