I dont fux with terrorists!



Just got an email from Pa Dilla bout this guy that used to roll around my home town, turns out dude just got busted with a gat, 120k cash in the crib, a large fucking quantity of chemicals for amphetamine production and get this (drum roll please) …Uranium! WTF! Whats he gonna do? Sell it to the local Taliban faction?

andyHe looks like someone you’d buy a 2nd hand couch from out of the Trading Post.

Andy (half fuckin’ smart) McNaughton was in a group of 3 dumb drug hustlin crackers that got busted by the Petra Taskforce in the last few days . Andy must like sharin’ showers coz this is the sheet he’s facing.

  • Trafficking a commercial quantity of amphetamines.
  • Possessing a precursor chemical namely white phosphorus.
  • Trafficking amphetamine.
  • Possessing amphetamines.
  • Possessing a hand gun without license.
  • Trafficking cannabis.
  • Cultivating cannabis.
  • Conspiring to cultivate cannabis.
  • Two counts of possessing equipment for trafficking a drug of dependence.
  • Being a dumb bitch.

Peep the drop by the local rag here. And all this after about the fourth murder or gun related offense in town this year, prahly why they filmed Blue Heelers there. I’m glad to be up out the hood and living in the safe streets of Lewis Moran Brunswick.


3 Responses to “I dont fux with terrorists!”

  1. brok Says:

    Yeah dude, the homie B-Double mentioned that the only reason he went to the ghetto ass Kangaroo Flat area of Bendigo was to score weed. Apparently its mad shady, as evidenced by the dude right here.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    dem c-maine boys ain’t nothing to fk with.

  3. bigdubbs Says:

    also, imagine if it was you who just spilled a drink on mr. blue tracksuit, andy is not happy.

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