Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed…



for those who like their humiliation with latex and some light spanking…

We didn’t bother with any kind of April Fool’s shenanigans at NOTR, mainly because, well, we’re grown-ups and they’re kinda lame. Not to suggest that pranks in general are lame, i love a sweetly executed prank, the hilarity of the victim/s reaction, the almost physical pain of humiliation, oh its all good. Its just the ones that occur on a specified day, in a 12 hour period, once a year, that tend to lose their ‘impact’.


Not that anyone told Google, who every year knock up another ‘hilarious’ prank where they release a press release about some high-tech gadget or computer system that will change the world. From applications for a job centre on the moon (2004), or a telepathic website (2000) to a football with GPS tracking (2009) or a search engine based on the movements of pigeons (2002)…


in the year 2010, searching for porn just got a whole lot faster…

Now i know that these may sound pretty ridiculous, but what Google seemingly fails to appreciate, is that for most people they are the company who will invent shit like that. Its not likely to be the government… they couldn’t even invent a practical economic system, or a working public transport service, or even get rid of Pauline Hanson. As for the automotive industry, well, even Obama wont’t help them now.

On the other hand, someone issued a hoax report in the Herald Sun claiming that the Melbourne Cricket Ground was to be renamed the Mekong Cricket Ground after a Chinese construction firm. While this is only vaguely funny due to it’s sheer improbability, the responses by angry racist local residents provide plenty of laughs:

“Let’s just give up this whole country to the Asians and be done with it,”

“What did our diggers (soldiers) fight and die for in the past wars???? And they still expect us to be patriotic. This country is selling its soul.”

“They are taking over the world, and we are letting them. I am not being racist when I say this, but aside from the Australian Asians, what possible interest do China have in the MCG?”

April Fools!!! Cue awkward silence…


3 Responses to “Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed…”

  1. Drab Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  2. Ex Back Says:

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  3. CankizalvaliA Says:


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