Below the belt…



So hip-hop fashion has finally taken its toll on the youth of Mooloolaba, although lets face it, these days low slung jeans aren’t even really hip-hop – just ask ‘Yeezy. Trent Wroe, (although unconfirmed as a hip-hop fashionista) copped a $250 fine after ‘accidentally’ dropping his jeans in front of a female police officer.

He appeared in the magistrates court, and claimed that it was all a misunderstanding, apparently he had just borrowed some jeans off his ‘larger’ mate after a big night out, and furthermore had forgotten to wear anything underneath these oversized jeans. The fact that the jeans hit the pavement and he was swinging in the breeze just as a cop rolled by was purely coincidental… apparently.

What i like about this story (and its a stretch, i know) is that even the magistrate laughed, and when Trent was issued his fine, he pleaded for a conversion to community service instead, so he could “give something back”, also known as, “keep his money”.

As a tribute to Trent and his mate’s huge pants, i give you some other ill-advised jean styles:






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