Strive for Grate(ness)…



Some very fine grates, see also Manhole Covers and Cheese Graters…

The Grates are a band from Brisbane. They’re cool. I really like the Drones tho, and they are posting (blurry) pics of Liddiard & Co. on stage in NYC. From the pictures on their Tumblr you’d be forgiven for thinking that all the great current Australian rock acts have gone to NYC.

Its a nice move tho, with photos a plenty, and as their Tumblr says:

“What goes on tour, goes online.”

Also, since i’m plugging stuff…

Jeff “Passion of the Weiss” Weiss, goes in deep on SXSW, managing to refrain from the usual “oh my gosh i’m really at SXSW” approach that so many other writers have invariably taken.

Combat Jack is re-upping his fantastic series of “Top 5 Gulliest Moments I Experienced First Hand in the Music Industry” as well as a ridiculously deep piece on none other than Mr Damon Dash.

Finally, Nick at WayCoolJnr has dropped a really interesting piece about the new Nokia “Comes With Music” campaign could well be the future of music sales. (I’ve only recently started checking this spot regularly, its definitely more media/marketing than straight music blog, but highly worth the read.)


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