Where the Wild Things Are



Drab just reminded me about this drop i started a few weeks ago after seeing the poster for Spike Jonez’s re-imagining of my favourite children’s book evar.

Sendak originally wrote the story about horses, but switched to monsters when he realised he couldn’t draw ponies. Also, in a beautiful eff you to his inlaws, most of the monsters were named after relatives.

The film uses a blend of CGI, actors and huge puppets, and it was shot mostly just outside of Melbourne town (aka Burn City). Allegedly, during initial test screenings in the US, it was found that some children were literally shitting themselves and had to be removed from the theatre. Presumably Jonez changed those bits.


I’m a big fan of the notion of a contemporary adult take on fairytales and such. Specifically thinking of Pan’s Labrynth or even the Labrynth back in the day. So i hope they keep it dark. Forest Whitaker is the voice of the Ira, and he’s cool, so hopefully he”ll get a bit of his Ghost Dog persona in there, although without the pidgeons. Also Karen O is involved on the music tip, and she is one hot rock chick.

On the oher hand, Arcade Fire = Sweeping, majestic, orchestral wankery.

Set for release in October this year, apparently. For a pretty lengthy interview with Jonez head to Ain’t It Cool.


3 Responses to “Where the Wild Things Are”

  1. pdilla Says:

    This book is G.O.A.T, so when i heard he was directing i thought it would be some cinematic mash-up between Malcolm X and The Labyrinth or somethin? Then i remembered it was thinking about the other Spike. Silly me. lookin fwd to this one

  2. Henry Says:

    Classic book!!!! looking forward to the film!

  3. Ming The Merciless Says:

    I reckon Lee and Jonze should do a team up film.

    Kinda like Marvel vs. DC.

    That is all.

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