Just a reminder.




6 Responses to “Just a reminder.”

  1. Jo Says:

    to be sure to be sure

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    and watch out for those angry hipsters…

  3. Henry Says:


  4. Zog the Unrestrained Says:

    Counted 150+ from a quick bike count from tonight, and actually saw many friendly, smiling fixed gear types.

    Shortsie and his pet suckhole Spud obviously didn’t try hard enough to kill the buzz.

  5. bigdubbs Says:

    true indeed. i had a blast, i reckon 150 easily, and while many of our local neighbors seemed overly aggressive (aka screaming obscenities from their car windows) , everyone involved seemed to be having fun. and the after party was pretty sweet too.

    as for the dynamic duo on the fixie forum, they continue their legacy of being overly self important wankers with fk all else to do with their time… all power to them.

    dilla really shouldn’t have encouraged them.

  6. pdilla Says:

    Your right Dubbs, I needa stay away from them forums. A good night had by all (except anyone in a car or tram)

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