Got beef? Coz’ we eat steak…



First up, two things. I”ve needed an excuse to post this track for ages, and i don’t like being called (even collectively) a douchebag.

Everyone at NOTR likes bikes. Not as much as some of you guys, clearly, but you know. I mean, shit, it has a couple of wheels, a seat and ideally it rolls. I don’t even have my driver’s license, so its not as if i have alternative transport (eff you Connex), while Dilla looks fly as shit rolling round town on an aquamarine ladies cycle. Tubs actually builds them from scratch.

Furthermore, we get down with numerous other cyclists, from the wiry old dudes in too-little lycra, to the shirtless, circus-act bmx riders. From the vintage dress wearing, shoe/belt/hat combining fashion student right down to the most cut-off jean wearing, no sock having hipster.


Which is why its such a shock to see that a few lonesome cowboys from the hallowed halls of the forums no less (yes, there is such a thing) – have taken offence to some part of this post by Dilla, celebrating and doing our small part to promote the very excellent Brunswick Free Ride.

Last year it had beer, a chicken suit and cops not chasing you, and its gonna be even bigger this year. The two topics aren’t really related, but this just seemed like an opportune moment to get some internet beef going.

You don’t want to be the Rick Rawwwwws of this situation, and have us get all amateur film beef-making, Fiddy Cent on you guys.

In other words, you don’t want it.

Disclaimer: In terms of the actual content of their comments, it could mean anything, i only read understood the part where he said we were douchebags.

Bonus track. Prodigy – Mac Ten Handle


6 Responses to “Got beef? Coz’ we eat steak…”

  1. Broke Says:

    I’m fixin’ to ride on these fools!
    Let me grab the gat, and we’ll pull a 2 wheeled drive by on these punk ass bitches….

  2. pdilla Says:

    Beef aint nothin’ I cant stick a fork through

  3. Ming The Merciless Says:

    Wow.. Check some of their links my friendly NOTR homies.
    I got some substantial action on my myspazz!
    In fact, my Event posting got completely apple-c/apple-v’d onto their forum.. (That’s ctrl-c/ctrl-v for you backward ass P.C. cousins out there-I see ya’ll peeps)
    Keep bumpin’ up those hits for me Fixies, props!

    So here’s all I wanna say in response to all this BBQ:

    I had listed the event on my myspace as taking place in [Burn City]
    -one of the forums’ admins, Spud, responded to my poetic license
    with a question: “who the fuck are these people?”

    Strangely enough, I thought I’d check out Spud’s profile on the forum
    Have a look for yourself and see what Spud has listed for their Location…

    So Francis, next time, please use your head before you go throwing around
    nasty names like ‘douchebag’. Ta.

    Word to your mother..

    Peace Out

  4. bigdubbs Says:

    haha ah mingo, you’re right man, he lists himself as comin’ from “the burn”.
    i used to love referring to guys like these as ‘hipster douchebags’ and now they’ve ruined it for me.

    still, good to see that beef still succeeds in gettin’ your hits up.

  5. pdilla Says:

    I just realized, sans purple turtle neck and special Olympic hat i can actually dress like that hipster, got that same dam suit, how bout that.

  6. bigdubbs Says:

    its like the man says… you’re a douchebag.

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