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I’ve already seen a couple of articles about how nobody in the US press cares that Rudd met Obama today, which is kinda childish really, although if you were relying on the video footage, you’d have to say that while its good to know Obama ‘loves’ the australian people, they didn’t exactly get deep into conversation.

Is it wrong that i was hoping for one of those awkward handshake moments, where Obama would go for the full ‘street’ handshake, following it up with some dap, while Rudd would be the uncool white guy and get all flustered?


In terms of political swag, they both lost… Obama scored a signed copy of Thomas Kenneally’s biography of Abraham Lincoln, yep, that’s a book about an American but signed by an Australian. While Rudd copped an historic score of the Star Spangled Banner, originally a British song most noted for being long, and hard to sing.

Its funny how easy it is to get carried away thinking we’re important on a world stage, (Howard’s adoration of being the ‘lil brother’ to our allies was symptomatic of this) when in actual fact, we are a tiny nation, living on a desert island in the indian/pacific oceans, far from the world stage and the exciting MTV-style lives of the superpowers. Not that its a bad thing, its nice to be out of the spotlight, after all if we were more important, the NY Post would have had to bump a story about two dragons killing some dude


Bonus Track: Extra P for President


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