This ones strictly for the heads… and kids with Gladiator fetishes.

New DOOM (pka MF Doom), the metal face villain has returned from wherever he was hiding, eschewing the stories of impersonators at concerts and overall nutbar crazy shit, and dropping a pretty sic record. Production from Madlib, Dilla, Jake One, Mr.Chop(?!) and DOOM himself, and some guest spots courtesy of Ghost, Rae, Bumpy Knuckles and some Rhymsayer’s associates. Oh yeah, and an auto-tune track…

Say what you will, he’s always been an unusual cat, but in this day and age of mass produced, innovation-lacking “product”, its nice to get an occasional record by an artist who does his own thing. Plus any record with Freddie Foxx adlibing about clowns with no face paint is a must. Go cop it.

DOOM – Rap Ambush (prod. Jake One)


2 Responses to “DOOM”

  1. Drab Says:

    cheers dubbs

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    enjoy. its a nice little record.

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