Is this the hardest job on earth?


This is the face of the man with the hardest job on earth.

Rudolf Mayer

I would be looking stressed too. But who is he you ask?

His name is Rudolf Mayer, and he is the man in charge of portraying Josef Fritzl’s as a demonised, misunderstood man. A job made no easier by the fact that our friends at Reuters are now calling him Heir Fritzl. I wonder who’s image they are trying to invoke?


As we know by watching such excellent programming as Boston Legal, fighting the impossible battle can be a rewarding and often hilarious experience, but I get the feeling that Dr. Rudolf might feel a touch relieved when he inevitably loses his case. Then he can relax on the balcony of his office with a like-minded colleague and enjoy a fine cigar and a glass of Schnapps.



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