A Storm in a D Cup…


Yeah, i straight up jacked the title from a news report… my bad.


One of the last true bastions of feminist ideals is under threat in Hobart. Well, one of the last Hooters restaurants anyway.

Now i’ll be honest, i was barely aware that there were Hooters joints in Australia, but apparently a group of mothers from the cultural hub that is our southern most capital, overcome with jealousy of the taut bodied young ‘waitresses’ from the local establishment are trying to get it shut down… they’re flat out hatin’ on titties.

The Hooters is located near a cinema and an elite private girl’s school and the owner has gone in hard on his advertising, apparently you can see the naked torso and pole dancing lady from 100 metres away. The theory is that the ‘raunchy’ signage poses a serious moral AND physical danger to the school children of Hobart.

Thats right, not just the usual pious “boobs are bad” scenario, but also a physical danger. A clear and present threat, if you will.


But hilariously, Tasmania’s Commisioner for Children, Paul Mason has suggested that the police may be able to concoct some criminal charges to bring against Hooters. I kid you not, this is his “case” –

‘I know of one family friend’s seven-year-old who walked into the pole outside the club on his way home from school because he and his little mate were ogling the picture of the rude lady.’

Why do people in Hobart hate titties?

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4 Responses to “A Storm in a D Cup…”

  1. Broke Says:

    Damn homie, my computer goes down for 24 hours and y’all beat me to not one but two posts. I had a dylan toilet issue post all set to go, now I gotta get back on my game and find something else.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    we run tings bra.

    we should hook up a collabo soon.

  3. Henry Says:

    Poor Tasmanians!

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