In my heart of hearts…


I just finished reading this article, and it would seem that the dude who sold the ‘sexy’ pauline hanson photos to a ravenous tabloid media, has absolutely no proof that it’s her, in fact, it would appear from his statements, that he barely remembers anything from about pre 1995.

According to Channel 7, these quotes provide sufficient evidence for Today Tonight to create an entire segment on the story of Jack Johnson and his lurid teenage shots of Pauline Hanson.

“I took ’em myself. They’re real,”

“I honestly, in my heart of hearts, I believe it’s Pauline Hanson. But what if I’m wrong?”

“The girl’s name was Pauline. I can remember that because I can remember an image of the name tag that said Pauline.”

I’m not sure how much he got paid, but i could use a little extra on top of my (still missing) stimulus package, i wonder if anyone would be interested in these saucy shots… i’m not sure where i took them, or what her name was, but in my heart of hearts i know they’re real…




I left the sarah jessica parker chick in white, because she’s just too wierd already…


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