10 quick facts about St Patrick and his eponimous day…

  • St Patrick is rumoured to be buried near the town of Downpatrick, which is some admirably straight talking.
  • The man himself actually preferred the colour Blue, preferring to quench his thirst from a hard day doing saintly shit, with a tall glass of blue curacao while listening to Below the Heavens.
  • The reason it changed to green was due to the symbolism of the shamrock (a traditionally green leaf), and the fact that when wandering drunk in a field, one tends to fall over and end up covered in green. Similar situation when vomiting on yourself after eating pesto.


  • “As in Australia, Saint Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated. It is tradition for people to wear green items of clothing, and the streets are often filled with revellers drinking and making merry from early afternoon until late at night... Many people also use it as an excuse for binge drinking.”         – The wikipedia entry for New Zealand + St Patricks Day.
  • St Patricks Day has been moved controversially by the church numerous times throughout its history, clearly demonstrating the Church’s assumption that no one will notice, as we’ll all be drunk anyway.
  • I have a friend called Patrick, he should not be considered saintly… he drinks a lot, occasionally turns green, and has an affinity for leprechauns.


  • The saintly homey was born in Wales, before being enslaved and taken to Ireland, he escaped and returned to Wales where he opted to return to Ireland to preach. Most experts agree he liked to travel.
  • According to the Annals of Ulster he lived for 120 years.
  • While he often gets props for banishing snakes from Ireland, he was in fact known as “Snake”, from which the Simpsons have taken inspiration.


Bonus Video:

I’d like to see these prep boys try that with Guiness… pussies.

Drink responsibly.


One Response to “10 quick facts about St Patrick and his eponimous day…”

  1. miz Says:

    ask pat about the time he threw up green all over himself……….awesome

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