The New Face of Russian Politics a.k.a The Russian Sarah Palin a.k.a Smirnoff’s New Pauline Hanson Flavour…



lookin’ for adventure…

She blogs, she likes pink bikinis, she collects guns and at 24, insiders are predicting she could be President of Russia some day.

Maria Sergeyeva has come into the Russian political arena through her use of the internets, in particular her blog and online articles, where she criticises US policy, supporting Vladimir “Iron Man” Putin’s attitudes that ‘only the United States is our real competitor…’

As the ‘pin-up’ for the Young Guards, a youth organisation dedicated to supporting Putin’s “Russian Revolution”, she has seen a huge surge in support, one article she wrote got so many hits it crashed Russia’s largest political website. Of course, she also makes statements in relation to immigration such as:

‘They grab our work…Immigrants should work in places where Russians don’t want to, or they should go back home’

and in reference to an antagonistic radio host:

‘I’m not saying that Yulia Latynina is ugly. I’m saying that if a person experiences a lot of negative emotions, that negativity is reflected in her face.’

Anyway, i’m no Russian political analyst, but she certainly reminds me of two other very “special” ladies:




4 Responses to “The New Face of Russian Politics a.k.a The Russian Sarah Palin a.k.a Smirnoff’s New Pauline Hanson Flavour…”

  1. Drab Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Townsville Nerd Says:

    Im really lovin the site.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. bigdubbs Says:

    thanks for the support Mandy. Townsville stand up!

  4. Henry Says:

    Informative rather scary but exciting at the same time! great post

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