The Dead Weather



The Dead Weather is Jack White’s new ‘side-project’ (although, how many bands do you have to form, before your original band becomes a side project?) and it consists of  Mr. White, Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) and Jack Lawrence (Raconteurs/Greenhornes).

They launched the band at the re-opening of Nashville’s Third Man Records, and offered up the first single ‘Hang You From the Heavens’

and on the flip, a pretty rad sounding cover of Gary Numan’s ‘Are Friends Electric?’


Side A

Side B


5 Responses to “The Dead Weather”

  1. pdilla Says:

    downloads, fuckin sweet! where’s that on/off filter switch tho?

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    ha, yeah, it could be the end of us tho homes… hopefully we won’t get a visit from some riaa lawyer. as for triple threat, being tall, and poorly shaven hardly counts as threats, tho you do have pretty eyes.

  3. Tom Says:

    Man these songs are sweet! And Jack White on the drums now!?! God damn is there anything the boy can’t do?
    And tubs, being tall is definitely a threat, ask anyone whos short. And being unshaven is a threat for sure, it shows you have better uses for your blade than holding it up to your face.

  4. Henry Says:

    Mention Jack White and this Tom character pops up what a development! I like it!

  5. tubswaller Says:

    Appreciate the kind words, but you might want to direct them Dilla’s way instead.

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