Get your folk on!


As Bigdubbs said, we went down the country on hiatus to get a bit folk into us.  So here is a write-up on one of the acts we saw, C.W Stoneking, although his MySpace will tell you he’s from Footscray, the scoop is that he’s living up on the north-side now.

C.W Stoneking

You might be able to spot him on the streets of old Brunswick town, he’s dressed like a southern gentleman (that’s the South of the U.S folks), starched white slacks and a white shirt, a bow-tie and hair slicked back with a tub of Brylcreem.

His caper is old world blues, hokum, calypso and story spinning in the style of the prewar greats. Plucking away at his Dobro resonator or tenor banjo he will tell you tales that you really want to believe, no matter how fantastical they are. One tune (Darktown Strutters Blues), he will tell you, he wrote whist working as an assistant to a hoodoo in Louisiana.

His tune ‘Jungle Blues’ (they are tunes you see, not songs) is about the time he was shipwrecked off the coast of West Africa, where he spent time living with a tribe of Pygmies.

All his songs sound like they have been recorded straight to shellac, and his singing voice sounds like a mix of equal parts Aussie and southern drawl with a healthy mix of moonshine liquor. Whether you believe all his stories of not (and why not… its more fun that way), his music is truly unique, and we are proud to have him on the North Side if, indeed, the rumours are true.

I love the cardboard cutout backdrops, and funky stuffed parrot.

Also worth a look is this cover he did for Triple J.


3 Responses to “Get your folk on!”

  1. Henry Says:

    An impressive musician that took you to another place, really enjoyed hearing him!!!!!

  2. Frances Baker Says:

    Can I borrow your CD? x

  3. Broke Says:

    Yeah dude, my mum went to this folk festival as well, says it was killer.
    I’m feeling this C.W Stoneking, but it might just be the Codral night time tablets talking.

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