Capsicum is a hell of a drug…


First question surely has to be, how does one implant a capsicum with cocaine so that it grows inside it? Not that i would try it myself, but hell, thats gotta be a scientific breakthrough. The second question is who’s going to be the first NY cRapper to claim to move units of peppers?

I just hope that the US cracks down on this, there needs to be some serious improvements in the control and checking of fresh produce being filled with illicit drugs… although surprisingly, authorities believe not everyone returned their cocaine filled capsicums.

I was tossing up a few related songs to post, such as Bob Dylan’s ‘Cocaine’, JJ Cale’s ‘Cocaine’, Johnny Cash’s ‘Cocaine Blues’ or The Game’s ‘Cocaine’. But i got sidetracked and went with this little number…

Enjoy, i’m off to buy some vegetables…


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